Breaking: First Witness in New York Ballot Fraud Case Claims He Was Paid to Register

January 25, 2012 at 1:03 pm (Anthony DeFiglio, Ballot Fraud, Clement Campana, Democrats, Ed McDonough, Elections, James Gordon, Jermaine Joseph, John Brown, John Ogden, Michael LoPorto, New York, Omaira Rodriguez, Trey Smith, Troy, Voter Fraud)

The first witness called to testify in the upstate New York ballot fraud case, Jermaine Joseph, provided the expected testimony – ballots were filled out on his behalf, votes were cast across a straight Democrat party line, etc.

But an interesting caveat was also revealed, something Joseph did not provide in his grand jury testimony – He claims he was paid for his troubles.

Via the Times Union:

A former Hudson Valley Community College football player told jurors Wednesday that he was paid $10 to register to vote by a man from Troy City Hall.

Jermaine Joseph was the first witness called to testify at the trial of two Democrats accused of forging absentee ballots to hijack the 2009 Working Families Party primary.

Joseph said that he and his roommate were each given $10 by a man from Troy City Hall after they signed voter registration cards in 2009. He did not identify the man.

The Troy Record reports that the man told them to go grocery shopping.


Smith had Joseph read how the ballot cast in his name was filled out: It was a straight Democratic line. Democrats were running for the party nomination.

Another witness, Omaira Rodriguez, also testified, claiming that a signature and general hand-writing on an absentee ballot that she never requested, was not hers.

For more background on the case, please go here…


Rodriguez said that said that “she had voted in the 2009 WFP primary but said she did not do it through an absentee ballot.”

Troy Record:

In documents presented by Matthew Hugg, an attorney assisting Smith during the trial, it showed that an application was filled out in Rodriguez’s name claiming she would be in New York City on Sept. 15, 2009. Rodriguez said she was not the one who indicated on the absentee ballot application that she would be on vacation around the time and added that she had not been to New York City since 2005.

New York State Police Investigator John Ogden was also questioned.

Ogden said he was assigned the case on Oct. 15, 2009. He went through the various leads that were developed through interviews with people involved in the alleged scheme such as Working Families Party operative Sara Couch and Democratic Party operative and former Troy Housing Authority employee Anthony DeFiglio. DeFigilio pled guilty to one felony of falsifying business records in December, 2011.


Ogden says that the handwriting on the 2007/2008 applications was similar to the fraudulent 2009 applications.

In other words, local Democrats have been doing this for years.  No wonder they thought it was a ‘normal political tactic’.

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Video: Marco Rubio – President Didn’t Talk About His Successes Because There Aren’t Any

January 25, 2012 at 11:01 am (Administraion, Economy, Failure, Marco Rubio, Obama, President, SOTU, State of the Union)

Yet another bit of awesome delivered by Senator Marco Rubio on Fox & Friends this morning…

Via Mediaite:

“What you didn’t hear last night from the President — he didn’t talk about the successes of this administration enough. Because there [aren’t] any. The fact of the matter is — you know, usually at this point in a Presidential career, you’re talking about some of your accomplishments and how your ideas and plans have worked. He touched on it briefly but he really didn’t delve into it, because after three years, he has very little he can point to and, in fact, all these factors we’re talking about are worse than they were three years ago.”

He also added, quite correctly, that the willingness of this President to engage in class warfare is astounding.

Steve Doocy brought up the President’s point last night of having to toy with taxes in the interest of fairness. Rubio said that the tax issue was an important one, because, “I have never seen a President pit Americans against each other like this one does.”

Read more here…

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VIDEO: RNC Releases Video Showing State of the Union is Just More of the Same

January 25, 2012 at 8:41 am (Failure, President Obama, Republicans, RNC, State of the Union)

Excellent job by the RNC here.  The video is called Familiar Rhetoric, Failed Record.

It is stunning how much material the President plagiarized from his very own speeches in the past, regurgitating the same failed policies and platforms.

(h/t Nate)

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Congressmen Respond to State of the Union Address

January 25, 2012 at 7:07 am (Bailouts, Chris Gibson, Darrell Issa, Economy, Ford, Foreign Policy, GM, Osama Bin laden, President Obama, SOTU, State of the Union)

That State of the Union last night was uninspiring, boring, and an utter mess.  We don’t need to fear voters being fooled by quasi-inspiring speeches during the next campaign, that is for sure.  The President has clearly lost the only skill he ever possessed – an ability to read off a teleprompter.

The President tried to lay out his economic vision by sandwiching the bulk of the speech between two stories that ‘spiked the football’ on Osama Bin Laden?  The speech meandered with no real path to follow.

What’s more is, he doubled down on just about every failed platform he has introduced in the last 3 years, giving the Republicans a plethora of material to work with leading into 2012.

He backed up the auto bailouts, including recognition for GM despite the cost of nearly $15 billion to American taxpayers.  He used Ford as an example, despite the company having never taken the bailout.  He doubled down on companies such as Solyndra, that went bankrupt despite a $535 million loan from the government.  He blamed his predecessor for the current economic state, but failed to recognize his role in the troop withdrawal from Iraq.  He touted more spending, more spending, more spending…

In short, the President is nothing more than a used car salesman, willing to dress up any lemon with a slew of lies and half-truths.

Congressman Darrell Issa had this to say about the State of the Union:

The President tonight outlined a laundry list of popular programs without regard to what they cost and his own record in office.

He has failed to deliver on economic growth promises, has squandered $800 billion in stimulus funds, and vetoed jobs and affordable domestic energy bills passed by Congress.  What is clear is that he is pursuing a partisan class-warfare agenda aimed at dividing the American people.  

The American people deserve an efficient, effective government that works for them.  I am ready to work with the President to cut the regulations and red tape that make it harder for workers and businesses to succeed, to confront the irresponsible overspending by this President and preceding Administrations, and to keep America competitive in a global economy.

And for our loyal New York readers, Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-20) struck a more complimentary tone, releasing the following statement this evening: 

“I firmly believe 2012 has the potential to be a year of growth and recovery for our country, if we make the right choices.  Specifically, I think there are five areas with which we can find common ground.  They include: comprehensive tax reform that creates a simpler and more fair tax code, regulatory relief, the expansion of domestic energy production, infrastructure investment, and bureaucratic consolidation and reform.  These are all areas which will directly help our country’s hardworking families, small business owners, and farmers, while ensuring our nation returns to a path of fiscal responsibility.  My constituents want Washington to achieve results and I’m confident that, working together in an era of divided government, we can do just that.  Additionally, as a former soldier, I appreciated the President’s recognition of the fine work our men and women of the military have conducted as well as the parallel he drew between their missions around the world and what we need to accomplish here at home.

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