Marine and Best-Selling Author Announces New Training Program

April 4, 2012 at 8:05 pm (EMT, Fire Fighter, First Responder, Law Enforcement, Marine, Reaction Leader, Training)

Former Marine, Paul Roarke, has announced a leadership training program for First Responders that he believes is the best available for the price – anywhere.  Roarke himself is a born leader, having served as an active duty USMC Master Gunnery Sergeant for nearly three decades, and is the best-selling author of the first responder fitness manual, Corps Strength.

Roarke states:

“Myself and my business partners would like to announce the beginning of a new ground breaking training initiative; “Reaction Leader, LLC”. Reaction Leader provides the very best in Leadership training for First Responders; Fire-Fighters, Law Enforcement and EMT Professionals. Bringing together over 100 years of military and civilian leadership experience our system combines dynamic classroom instruction with state-of-the-art training equipment. Results focused, hands on training that will yield real world results.
Check out our website at
In any case thanks for your time and consideration.
Semper Fi.”


Reaction Leader, LLC was founded in response to the ever-increasing demand from emergency management professionals for real world, effective and useful leadership training.
The Reaction Leader training concept was brought together by a team of highly experienced leadership professionals. Drawing from over 100 years of combined active military, government and civilian experience, we have combined the best time-tested training methods while adding new innovative, enhanced training techniques. Combining dynamic classroom instruction and our one of a kind, hands-on “Reaction Trainer“, we provide the most effective First Responder leadership training available anywhere in the world today.
Our new training system and patented “Reaction Trainer” equipment is unique and effective in that it is:
  • Professionally developed and engineered to mentally and physically test, develop and evaluate the people management skills of our students.
  • Completely portable… we come to you and bring everything needed for training.
  • Thoroughly tested, proven safe and effective.

What exactly defines a “Reaction Leader”?

Quite simply, they are heroes in every day life – Fire-Fighters, Law Enforcement personnel, EMTs and all those who must quickly react to any crisis that may arise.  First Responders lead the way to help those in need and protect our homes and families, and their duties will often take them into harm’s way.

Check out the site today…

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Company That Received $1.96 Billion in Stimulus, Gets $1.3 Million Grant For Employees Laid Off Because of Stimulus

April 4, 2012 at 7:27 pm (CH2M Hill, Department of Energy, Economy, Hanford, Hilda Solis, Jobs, Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray, Stimulus)

Sometimes the stories write themselves.  Here are the facts…

  • A Colorado-based consulting, engineering and construction firm, named CH2M Hill, was awarded nearly $2 billion from the stimulus to perform cleanup work at the Hanford nuclear site.
  • The company used those funds to hire roughly 1,300 employees.
  • They then inflated the hiring numbers by using a Department of Energy metric known as “lives touched”, which allowed them to boast that the stimulus helped somehow helped or ‘touched’ three-and-a-half times as many people as they had actually employed.
  • When the stimulus funds ran out, so did the ability to support the jobs created or lives touched.  Roughly 1,500 employees were laid off.

And now, via the Tri-City Herald:

The Department of Labor has awarded a $1.3 million National Emergency Grant to help laid-off Hanford workers find jobs.
The largest portion of the money will be used for retraining former Hanford workers who lost their jobs as federal economic stimulus spending at the nuclear reservation came to an end.
“This grant will serve as a safety net for workers and their families during these challenging economic times,” Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said in a statement. Murray and Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., sent a letter to Hilda Solis, the secretary of labor, in February, requesting consideration of a state application for the grant.
The money will help an estimated 400 former Hanford workers seeking jobs, giving them intensive employment-related assistance, including training, to help them re-enter the work force in areas of the economy that are growing, according to the Department of Labor…

…  The grant is intended to provide money for workers laid off from DOE Hanford prime contractors CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Co. and Mission Support Alliance and more than 10 subcontractors…

“Workers formerly employed at the Hanford site are facing the challenge of finding jobs comparable to the ones they lost,” Solis said in a statement. “This federal grant aims to help lessen the negative impact of these layoffs.” 

So to summarize, CH2M Hill receives $2 billion in stimulus funds, loses a net of roughly 200 jobs, pretends they helped out over three times as many people, and then has to get a government grant to help those who were laid off find jobs.

Government efficiency… the ultimate oxymoron.

Incidentally, I encourage you to read the entire report to find out exactly why Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell have a vested interest in this company’s success.  Find it here…

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Joe Scarborough: ‘No One’ in GOP Establishment Thinks Romney Will Beat Obama

April 4, 2012 at 4:07 pm (2012 Election, Establishment, GOP, Joe Scarborough, Mitt Romney, MSNBC, Republicans)

Mitt Romney is the establishment candidate for the Republican party.  But MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough thinks that nobody in the GOP establishment thinks he can win.  So is he indicating that the Republicans are intentionally setting Romney up for failure?

From Mark Finkelstein at NewsBusters:

Unemployment stubbornly over 8%.  His landmark piece of legislation in dire peril of being dumped by the Supreme Court.  The “flexibility” moment with Putin’s pawn. Does that sound like an invincible incumbent to you?

It does to Joe Scarborough, and according to him, to every other member of the Republican establishment.  On Morning Joe today, Scarborough said that while they won’t admit it on TV, “no one” in the GOP establishment believes Mitt Romney will beat Barack Obama in the general election.

The transcript…

SCARBOROUGH: Nobody thinks Romney’s going to win. Let’s just be honest. Can we just say this for everybody at home? Let me just say this for everybody at home. The Republican establishment–I’ve yet to meet a single person in the Republican establishment that thinks Mitt Romney is going to win the general election this year. They won’t say it on TV because they’ve got to go on TV and they don’t want people writing them nasty emails.  I obviously don’t care. But I have yet to meet anybody in the Republican establishment that worked for George W. Bush, that works in the Republican congress, that worked for Ronald Reagan that thinks Mitt Romney is going to win the general election.

 Here’s the video…

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Obama Instructs Media Cheerleaders On How to Properly do Their Job

April 4, 2012 at 1:00 pm (2012 Election, Journalism, Media Bias, President Obama, Reporting, Washington)

Their leader has spoken…

Via Gateway Pundit:

Our most benevolent leader, Barack Obama, instructed the lapdog media yesterday on how to report on his radical positions. No doubt, they took notes.

I always assumed they held meetings like this behind closed doors anyway…

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

“This bears on your reporting,” President Obama said to journalists. “I think that there is oftentimes the impulse to suggest that if the two parties are disagreeing then they’re equally at fault and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. And an equivalence is presented which I think reinforces peoples’ cynicism about Washington in general. This is not one of those situations where there’s an equivalency.”

“As all of you are doing your reporting, I think it’s important to remember that the positions that I am taking now on the budget and a host of other issues. if we had been having this discussion 20 years ago or even 15 years ago … would’ve been considered squarely centrist positions,” Obama said a few moments later.

Is he concerned that their portrayal of him as a competent leader is starting to trail off?  When the election draws closer, they will be fawning all over the chosen one as they always have.

Video below…

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Democrat Jewish Outreach Liaison Jokes About "Jewbags"

April 4, 2012 at 11:00 am (Dani Gilbert, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democrats, DNC, Jewbags, Jewish, Outreach)

Wonder how this will play out in the very Jewish community that Democrats are trying to reach out to.  My opinion – young girl, dumb mistake, move on…

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

The Democratic Party’s newly appointed Jewish outreach liaison is pictured on Facebook in a series of provocative photos with her friends holding dollar bills and referring to themselves as “Jewbags” and the “Jew cash money team.”

Dani Gilbert, who has been a staffer in the office of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.), was recently appointed as the Democratic National Committee’s Jewish outreach liaison, according to her Twitter feed.

Photos publicly available on her Facebook page depict her engaged in the kind of youthful displays that social media like Facebook and Twitter have made increasingly common and problematic for young Washington staffers.

In one photo, Gilbert is seen kissing paper currency of undetermined denomination. The caption at the bottom of the photo reads “JEWBAGS.” A comment left on the posting refers to Gilbert and a coterie of female companions as the “Jew cash money team.” Other photos depict Gilbert as a bit of a party girl, including one featuring an assortment of condoms.

Adds The Shark Tank:

Jew-on-Jew hate is nothing new, but within the Democratic National Committee, this is clearly unchartered territory. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s ol’ staffer and newly named the DNC’s Jewish Outreach Liason Dani Gilbert refers to herself an her fellow khevre (khev’reh) as “Jewbags.”

Oy Veh! Can you imagine if a Republican Jewish Outreach staffer were to have posted similar pictures with these same comments? His/her head would be asked to be served on some type of Seder platter or something. Listen, I get the funny here. It’s like Blacks referring to one another as ‘N******’, right?

As William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection points out, the real controversy isn’t over the photos, it’s that Gilbert looks like a clone of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

What makes it really freaky, doubly-freaky, is the image of the young lady hired by Wasserman-Shultz for Jewish outreach. Click at your peril. It’s safe for work, but not for the mind. Have we legalized cloning?

A DWS clone is a horrifying concept…

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50-Year-Old White Man Beaten Severely by Black Teens in Same Town as Trayvon Martin – Crickets Heard Chirping

April 4, 2012 at 9:00 am (Assault, Florida, Julius Ricardo Bender, Life Threatening, Race Baiting, Sanford, Trayvon Martin, Yahaziel Isaac Israel)

Where, oh where, are the professional race-baiters now?  Where is the national outcry?

Via Weasel Zippers:

The below story doesn’t mention the victim’s race but another local station’s newscast identifies him as white.
(Orlando Sentinel) — A tip to Crimeline has led to the arrests of two men in a brutal beating that occurred a week ago in the Midway community east of Sanford.
Julius Ricardo Bender, 18, and Yahaziel Isaac Israel, 19, face charges of attempted first-degree murder, burglary with assault or battery and armed burglary.
The victim, a 50-year-old Winter Springs man whose name has not been released, is on life-support at Orlando Regional Medical Center.
Deputies were called to the area of Lincoln Street and Beardall Avenue about 6:30 p.m. March 26 to investigate a report of a man being beaten, Seminole County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Heather Smith said.
They found the victim in the woods on the north side of Lincoln Street.
According to arrest affidavits:
A witness told deputies he heard someone screaming for help and saw two men pull the victim from his vehicle. He said he watched as one man held the victim and the other beat him in the head with a hammer.
After they dragged the victim into the woods, the men drove away in his sport utility vehicle, which was later found abandoned about a half-mile away on Garbo Jack Lane.

Read it here… 

Divided States claims the attack happened at a very coincidental time:

A tip to Crimeline has led to the arrests of two black teens in a brutal beating that occurred a week ago in the Midway community east of Sanford, Florida, the same city as the Trayvon martin case on the same day when Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and New Black Panther’s leaders rallied to protest a tumped-up racial profiling case with Trayvon Martin.

Making that leap in judgment seems a bit premature, and would make any declaration that the race-baiters fueled this attack no better than the mainstream media.  But let’s see how many news outlets actually report this case.  I’m taking odds that it will be far less than the Martin case.

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Palin Says ‘Go Rogue’ – Allen West for VP

April 4, 2012 at 7:00 am (2012 Election, Allen West, Florida, GOP, Republican, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Vice President)

I have to disagree…  Allen West isn’t ‘going rogue’ – he is the obvious choice.

From Politico:

Sarah Palin says there’s one name at the top of her list if the Republican Party wants to “go rogue” in its pick for the vice presidential nominee: Rep. Allen West.
The former vice presidential candidate told Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Tuesday that the Florida Republican would be a great choice for the 2012 ticket. She argued that the eventual presidential nominee shouldn’t “think they have to go with somebody necessarily safe.”
“Top of my list is Allen West,” she said. “I love that he has that military experience. He is a public servant willing to serve for the right reasons. He understands the Constitution. He understands our national foreign policy issues that must be addressed. He has served. I really like him. There are so many, Sean, that are out there. And when I talk about going rogue, what I want to do is encourage the GOP nominee to not think that they have to go with somebody necessarily safe that conventional wisdom perhaps would lead somebody to believe that, if it’s somebody, quote-unquote, safe, that they’re not going to get beat up by the media, because no matter who it is.”

Read the rest… 

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