Bloomberg: Soda Ban is Trying to ‘Change the Public’s Taste’

September 13, 2012 at 4:20 pm (Donut Day, Mayor Bloomberg, Nanny Bloomberg, New York, Science, Soda, Soda Ban, Sugary Drinks)

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg once again reiterated his desire to force what he views as healthy choices on the citizens of the city.  Back in May, the mayor explained that his proposed ban on large sodas was a way of “forcing you to understand that you have to make the conscious decision to go from one cup to another cup.”

Now it seems he’s not only trying to force you to understand, he’s trying to force a change in your tastes.

Earlier this afternoon, the New York City Board of Health officially approved its plan to ban larger soda cup sizes at restaurants and concession stands, and, barring a successful lawsuit and a court order, the initiative will take effect in six months. And although a majority of the city’s residents disapprove of the move, at a press conference, Mayor Bloomberg aggressively told reporters time and time again that it won’t be as controversial as it seems.

“I think it’s fair to say there’s no evidence that it will hurt their business,” he said about restaurants arguing the requirement will hurt their bottom line. “Maybe outside of the limelight of newspaper or television camera, they would probably agree that down the road, what’s likely to happen here, what’s very likely to happen, is eventually they will just transition pretty much everything and change the public’s taste. Why? We cannot continue to have our kids come down with diabetes at age 6. If it was one of your children I think you’d be out there with a very different kind of question.”

This statement is the very definition of what makes a nanny politician.  Bloomberg believes that government knows what is best for the people to eat and drink, and he’d like to find government answers in forcing them to consume products he deems healthy.  He believes parents are too uneducated to make the right choices for their children.

That, in a word, is frightening.

The question is – where does it stop?  Doughnuts contain hydrogenated oils, and are essentially one of the worst cancer foods you can possibly eat.  Yet there the Mayor stood a day after the soda ban was announced, proudly celebrating the virtues of National Donut Day.

This is the height of hypocrisy.

Why is Mayor Bloomberg not actively working to mandate a one-donut policy at all bakeries in the city?  He could just as effectively site the obesity statistics used in his previous response on sugary drinks.

During the press conference today, Bloomberg ridiculed the intellect of a reporter for not understanding the mayor’s wise decisions and the science behind them.

At times, Mr. Bloomberg got a bit testy. For example, one reporter asked how he knows soda, which has been part of Americans’ diet for some time, is responsible for the surge in obesity.

“Miss, I don’t know how to answer your question if you don’t have any understanding of science whatsoever,” the mayor answered. “It’s just thermodynamics, if you put in more calories in than you burn up, you’re going to store it. Storage of calories is called fat and we’d be happy to provide some information for you.”

You know who does understand science?  The two separate sets of researchers who recently determined there is no link between childhood obesity and soda.

We’d be happy to provide some information for you, Mr. Mayor.

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