Shocking Report: Bill Clinton Likes Threesomes

September 20, 2012 at 9:13 am (2016 Election, Bill Clinton, Cold Fish, Hillary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Sex Toys, Threeways)

Apparently, Monica Lewinsky is set to write a tell-all book on her affair with former President Bill Clinton.  According g to reports, Lewinsky will be publishing love letters from Bubba, in which he reveals an insatiable desire for threesomes.  The letters will also show Clinton trashing his wife Hillary, and insinuating that she too was looking for extramarital affairs.

He always seemed like such a straight-up, monogamous, marriage-respecting kind of guy.

Via the Daily Mail (h/t Weasel Zippers):

Monica Lewinsky is reportedly set to write a tell-all book about her affair with Bill Clinton –including her intimate love letters to the ex-president and how he had an insatiable desire for threesomes.

The former White House intern, 39, reportedly wants revenge on Clinton, who she believes escaped unscathed while she has never been able to shake the disgrace of their Oval Office trysts.

Friends claim publishers are scrambling to get their hands on the book, and after holding meetings, she has learned she could get as much a $12 million if she recounts every tawdry detail.

While she has not yet secured a book deal, her apparent attempts to cash in on the affair could rattle the Clinton marriage – and wreck Hillary’s bid for the presidency in 2016.

The book will also include never-before-seen love letters that she wrote to the president – some of which were so intimate she never sent them, another friend added.

They reportedly detail her love for Clinton and how Lewinsky, then just 22, could make him much happier than his wife, Hillary, who the president called a ‘cold fish’.

He also laughed about his nonexistent sex life with his wife – and said he thought he was not the only one looking for love outside their marriage.

‘Monica can describe how Bill went on and on about his insatiable desire for three-way sex, orgies and the use of sex toys of all kinds,’ the friend added.

Lewinsky may be looking for Clinton to pay because he escaped from the controversy relatively unscathed, but this book doesn’t change that.  And quite frankly, it only serves to humiliate Hillary even further.  For what, a quick payday?

Go back to selling handbags.  Leave it alone.

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Is Kirsten Gillibrand Having a ‘Tracy Flick’ Moment?

August 15, 2012 at 9:59 am (2012 Election, 2016 Election, Conservative Party, Election, Kirsten Gillibrand, Mike Long, New York, Reese Witherspoon, Senate President, Tracy Flick, Wendy Long)

Rumors are beginning to circle around U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and her presidential aspirations for 2016.  And New Yorkers want to know, is she running for a full six-year term in the Senate this campaign season, or is she planning to abandon her district to pursue a presidential run in 2016?

Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long is demanding that Gillibrand tell New Yorkers which office she is actually running for.

Long said, “Kirsten Gillibrand needs to come clean with New Yorkers – is she running for U.S. Senate or President?   Judging by her non-answer, answers and well documented history of flip flops it is impossible to tell where she stands or if she is committed to serving a full term in office,” said Long.

Long is responding to a number of reports that she may well be a worthy replacement in 2016 should Hillary Clinton decide not to run.

(In) an August 9th interview with NY1 Inside City Hall, Washington Post political reporter and “The Fix” blogger Chris Cillizza commented on the idea of a 2016 Gillibrand run, saying “you have Gillibrand in there if Hillary Clinton decides not to run.”

A chapter in Cillizza’s new book, The Gospel According to the Fix: An Insider’s Guide to a Less than Holy World of Politics, speculates on potential 2016 candidates including Gillibrand.

Long then proceeds to take a shot at Gillibrand, referring to her hopes of a 2016 presidential run as a “Tracy Flick” type of ambition.

Continued Long, “Gillibrand’s Off the Sidelines campaign and efforts to promote extreme liberal women candidates around the country are part of her broader agenda to create a national network of supporters to promote a 2016 bid. Unfortunately, as a result of her ‘Tracy Flick’ like unbridled ambition she regularly puts the needs of her national political agenda ahead of the needs of hardworking New Yorkers.  New Yorkers deserve the truth – not another flip-flop.”

The reference has been made before, when a Politico report in 2009 indicated that the New York congressional delegation had given her the nickname – “a not-so-flattering reference to the over-eager, blonde, bubbly and viciously competitive Reese Witherspoon character from “Election.”   For those unfamiliar with the role, we offer the following video clip…

Indeed, the question now remains, is Kirsten Gillibrand upsetting New Yorkers?  Putting her blind ambition ahead of the needs of her own constituency?  Is she running for her Senate seat in 2012, or is she already looking ahead to a national platform in 2016?

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