No O? Obama Campaign Quietly Removes Their Version of the US Flag

September 23, 2012 at 7:34 pm (American Flag, Benghazi, Flag, Obama Campaign, Obama Flag, U.S. Flag)

Did the egotistical President finally accept a serving of humble pie?

After taking a beating on conservative blogs last week for redesigning the American flag by replacing the stars with an ‘O’ symbol, the Obama campaign has quietly removed the product.

But fear not Obamabots. Lest you think your campaign has lost their touch, they still managed to get caught in a blatant lie as to why the flag disappeared.  They’ve still got it.

Buzzfeed reports:

A page where the flag was now returns as error page. A cached version of the website still shows the product but returns a error page when attempting to add the item to the cart. An Obama campaign aide says the item quickly sold out and that sold out items are automatically removed. However, a similar item to the flag print that was also sold out was not automatically removed and appears on the site with “out of stock” below it.

It’s not just the narcissism involved in redesigning the American flag with your own logo, or the possible flag code violation, it’s the timing of the O flag’s release.

As Gateway Pundit points out, the flag design couldn’t have come at a worse time.

If the image looks familiar it could be because the red stripes resemble the bloody Benghazi hand prints.  The bloodstained walls at the US consulate revealed that the US  officials were dragged to their death by peaceful protesters  terrorists.

Here’s your visual aid…

Jerome Corsi writes:

The point being drawn – the similarity of the images – is a graphic criticism of the Obama campaign’s indulgence in the Obama cult of personality, while the Obama administration neglects to provide adequate security for our diplomatic personnel currently in danger as the Arab Spring turns to a Muslim Brotherhood radical Fall.

Also, we’ll call BS on the statement that the flag has sold out.  Nobody in their right mind is even sporting the Obama bumper stickers this go-around, due to embarrassment.  It’s fairly certain they’re not going to be showing off their disrespectful Obama flag with pride.


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Karma: Radical Islamic Protester Killed by Smoke Inhalation From Burning U.S. Flags?

September 17, 2012 at 11:57 am (Abdullah Ismail, American Flag, Flag Burning, Islamist, Karma, Pakistan, Radical Islam)

The world works in mysterious ways…

Via the Express Tribune (h/t Weasel Zippers):

Several Muslim parties and a Christian group held rallies on Sunday to protest against a movie released in America.

Around 10,000 people participated in the main rally organized on The Mall by the Tehreek Hurmat-i-Rasool (THR). The participants marched from Nila Gumbad to Masjid-i-Shuhada on The Mall. Despite a ban on rallies on The Mall, the road remained blocked for vehicular traffic from noon to 6pm.

The rally was addressed by Jamatud Dawa chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, THR head Ameer Hamza, JD leader Hafiz Abdul Rehman Makki, Pakistan Muslim League (Zia) head Ijazul Haq, Jamaat Ulema Islam-Sami (JUI-S) leader Asim Makhdoom and Jamaat Ahle Hadith ameer Hafiz Abdul Ghaffar Ropari.

One of the participants of the rally, Abdullah Ismail, passed away after he was taken to Mayo Hospital. Witnesses said he had complained of feeling unwell from the smoke from US flags burnt at the rally.

And it wasn’t just your run of the mill flag-burning rallies either.  The protest, held in Pakistan, featured radicals demanding that the U.S. make laws criminalizing free speech, and insisting that those involved with the movie be hanged publicly.

Meanwhile, the scoreboard reads:

American Flag – 1

Wannabe Jihadi – 0

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