Wendy Long Promises to Put America on a Fiscal Diet

August 27, 2012 at 3:33 pm (Budget, Debt Clock, Kirsten Gillibrand, New York, Senate, Wendy Long)

With U.S. debt surpassing $16 trillion, Wendy Long and a group of young New Yorkers gathered in front of the National Debt Clock today to protest the mortgaging of our children’s future, the dismantling of the American Dream and the abject lack of leadership from Kirsten Gillibrand.
“Our debt is obese – suffocating job creation, mortgaging our children’s future and threatening to plunge us back into recession. Sadly, Kirsten Gillibrand refuses to even acknowledge the national debt as one of the most serious issues facing America – let alone pass a budget or take any steps to reduce spending,” said U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long.
“It’s time Washington starts making healthy choices and as Senator, I pledge to put America on a diet,” said Long.
Since taking office less than four years ago, Senator Gillibrand has facilitated a $5 trillion increase in the national debt. Here are just a few of her contributions.
  • Never passed a budget since joining the Senate; 
  • Voted for the $787 billion phony “Stimulus Bill Saying It Was ‘The Beginning Of The Investment’ To Turn The Troubled National Economy Around;” 
  • Voted to increase the national public debt limit; 
  • One of only 7 Senators to vote to continue funding the corrupt ACORN; 
  • Refused to support legislation that limited federal spending in 2012 to $680 billion. The legislation also proposed a Constitutional amendment requiring federal spending to be capped at a percentage of GDP; 
  • Voted in favor of the largest tax increase in American history, Obamacare, which the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates will raise the national debt by $226 billion in just its first six years; 
  • Voted against the repeal of wasteful corn ethanol subsidies; 
  • Refused to support a bill prohibiting budgets which increase the public debt in 10 years by more than it has increased over the past 220 years. Unmanaged, deficit spending that racks up more debt is all she knows.

Concluded Long, “Gillibrand is cynically selling out the next generation of Americans for corrupt ACORN, liberal special interests and a few votes from scared seniors. We deserve lawmakers who will make adult decisions. We deserve a budget. We deserve better than another grim milestone like $16 trillion debt,” said Long.

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Reminder: Extremist House Democrats Guilty of Cold-Blooded Murder…

April 26, 2012 at 9:43 am (Bret Baier, Budget, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democrat, Extremism, Fox News, Obama, Republican)

… Of Obama’s Budget.

Sure that’s a bit of a shocking headline, but we learned over-the-top bombastic statements from the Democrats themselves – specifically, DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

DWS recently accused the Republicans of having “fully embraced extremism”.  So when Democrats last month reached across the aisle with their Republican counterparts to defeat President Obama’s budget by a vote of 414-0, it stands to reason that they were also ‘fully embracing extremism’.

Extremists as you know, have a propensity for violence, a willingness to kill.  In this case, it just happened to be the Obama budget proposal that fell victim to an attack by House member extremism.

So why provide this handy reminder for the radical left?

Because Debbie Wasserman Schultz seems to have already forgotten this case of budgetary violence in her extremist past.

Maggie Thurber points out that a little noticed aspect of an interview with Fox News Bret Baier, includes DWS placing blame for the strangling of Obama’s budget solely on the lap of Republicans.  Trying to pawn that vote off on Republicans appears to be blowing up in her face however.

As Thurber points out, Democrat extremists also took part in the murder…

Baier, noting that Democrats have gone out of their way to criticize the budget presented by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), said there was no Democrat budget on the table.

Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) objected stating that Pres. Barack Obama had submitted a budget. But Baier continued saying the President’s budget wasn’t being voted on.

“That’s right, because House Republicans voted it down,” she said.


The vote on Obama’s most recent budget was 414-0.

It wasn’t just House Republicans who voted it down – not a single Democrat voted for it, including Wasserman Schultz herself!

A statement addressing the budget vote from the Karen Harrington for Congress website adds:

Interestingly enough, and somewhat shocking, Obama’s Cheerleader-in-Chief, DNC Chair/Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was present for the vote, and voted a resounding ‘Nay’ to the measure.

Yes, you read correctly, Debbie voted against her boss’ budget.

Thurber asks, “Hypocrisy, lies,distortions …how does she live with herself?

It’s easy… when you’re extreme.

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Photo Shows Democrats Not Even Showing Up For Budget Meetings

April 19, 2012 at 1:10 pm (Budget, C-Span, Democrats, Kent Conrad, Photo, Republicans, Senate)

Cause hey, who needs a budget when we’ve gone without one for over three years?  Sure it’s required by law, but who exactly is following the law in this administration anyway?

(Photo below)

Guy Benson writes that the picture is worth 1,085 words – one for each day we’ve gone without a Senate budget.

From The Tipsheet:

What you’re looking at is a view of today’s Senate Budget Committee meeting, at which Chairman Kent Conrad conducted a faux “markup” of his party’s FY 2013 budget resolution. The near side of the table is where Democrats were supposed to sit. Granted, this entire exercise was somewhat academic because its resulting product would receive neither a vote in this committee, nor in the Senate at large. Details! Throughout much of the session, all 11 Republican members were present to, you know, do their jobs. Of the 12 committee Democrats, no more than 3 or 4 were in attendance at any given time, according to sources inside the meeting. “[The Democrats] showed absolutely no interest in discussing our big picture problems or offering solutions,” a GOP budget aide tells Townhall. “Those who were there showed up only to make a brief statement for the record, then took off. The photo speaks for itself.” That it does.

Ed Morrisey at Hot Air adds:

The meeting was broadcast on one of the C-SPAN channels, so this isn’t exactly a secret. Only three Democrats bothered to show up at all, out of a dozen assigned to it. Republicans showed up, prepared to cast votes to finally bring the ignominious streak of 1,085 days (as of yesterday) without a budget resolution to an end. Sadly, Democrats — who control the committee, the chamber, and the White House — don’t have the same sense of responsibility.

For a party that demands that voters put them in charge, they seem utterly unwilling to do the job once they have it. Voters should keep this in mind in November, up and down the ballot.

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Study Says Obamacare Will Add $340 Billion to Deficit

April 10, 2012 at 11:07 am (Budget, Conservative, Deficit, Healthcare, Medicare, Obamacare, President Obama, Republican, Social Security)

To the brainwashed Obamabot, it’s just free healthcare.  To the rest of the country, it’s an unaffordable monstrosity.  Glad we passed it so we could see what was in it…

From the Washington Post:

President Obama’s landmark health-care initiative, long touted as a means to control costs, will actually add more than $340 billion to the nation’s budget woes over the next decade, according to a new study by a Republican member of the board that oversees Medicare financing.

The study is set to be released Tuesday by Charles Blahous, a conservative policy analyst whom Obama approved in 2010 as the GOP trustee for Medicare and Social Security. His analysis challenges the conventional wisdom that the health-care law, which calls for an expensive expansion of coverage for the uninsured beginning in 2014, will nonetheless reduce deficits by raising taxes and cutting payments to Medicare providers.

The 2010 law does generate both savings and revenue. But much of that money will flow into the Medicare hospitalization trust fund — and, under law, the money must be used to pay years of additional benefits to those who are already insured. That means those savings would not be available to pay for expanding coverage for the uninsured.

“Does the health-care act worsen the deficit? The answer, I think, is clearly that it does,” Blahous, a senior research fellow at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, said in an interview.

Ed Morrisey at Hot Air reports on the administration’s response to the study – which is to say, they have no real response at all.

What does the administration have to say in response? An OMB official told the Washington Post (without going on the record) that Blahous was using “new math” to undermine the credibility of Obama’s reforms, in an attempt “to refight the political battles of the past.” However, this isn’t about the past at all; it’s about the future of Medicare andthe deficit. The White House response appears to fall into the Pelosiesque “we had to passit to see what’s in it” category, with the addendum of “and now it’s too late to argue about it.” We’ll see if that’s true.

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Video: Obama Plagiarizes… Himself

April 5, 2012 at 9:00 am (Budget, Economy, GOP, Plagiarize, President Obama, Republican, RNC, Speech)

The Republican National Committee put together a video that shows President Obama’s budget speech from yesterday was essentially a repeat of his budget speech from last year.  Which of course shows that the President has no new ideas.  If you liked the economy in 2011, then you’ll love his plans for 2012.

From Hot Air Pundit:

This is brilliant. The RNC digs up one of Obama’s speeches from last year to show his budget speech yesterday recycled the exact same scare tactics he used in 2011. 

Gateway Pundit adds:

Barack Obama dug up his same old tired speech from 2011 attacking the Republican budget, beat it against the wall, dusted it off, and delivered it again this week.

Watch the video below…

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Video: RNC Ad Says Obama’s Budget His "Greatest Bipartisan Achievement"

March 30, 2012 at 11:18 am (Budget, Economy, House of Representatives, President Obama, Republican, RNC)

See that?  Republicans can swallow their pride every now and again, to give credit where it’s due…

The Republican National Committee took advantage of Obama’s embarrassing budget plan, which went down in the House yesterday to a 414-0 vote.  It likely will go down as his “greatest bipartisan achievement”.

The video, titled Zero Votes, can be seen below…

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Obama’s Budget Defeated by Razor Thin Margin

March 29, 2012 at 11:00 am (414, Budget, Deficit, Democrats, Economy, House of Representatives, Mick Mulvaney, Paul Ryan, President Obama, Republicans, Taxes)

Just kidding!  The budget, which featured major tax increases while still adding trillions to the deficit, was defeated in the House by a margin of 414-0

From the Washington Times:

President Obama’s budget was defeated 414-0 in the House late Wednesday, in a vote Republicans arranged to try to embarrass him and shelve his plan for the rest of the year.

The vote came as the House worked its way through its own fiscal year 2013 budget proposal, written by Budget Committee Chairman Paul D. Ryan. Republicans wrote an amendment that contained Mr. Obama’s budget and offered it on the floor, daring Democrats to back the plan, which calls for major tax increases and yet still adds trillions of dollars to the deficit over the next decade.

“It’s not a charade. It’s not a gimmick — unless what the president sent us is the same,” said Rep. Mick Mulvaney, a freshman Republican from South Carolina who sponsored Mr. Obama’s proposal for purposes of the debate. “I would encourage the Democrats to embrace this landmark Democrat document and support it. Personally, I will be voting against it.”

But no Democrats accepted the challenge.

The budget is actually a gimmick – on the part of the President.  The proposal was submitted in an attempt to placate his left wing base.  He knew it would never be considered as a serious budget proposal, but now he can go back to his Occupy/Union goon base and say, ‘See?  I tried to raise taxes.  I tried to increase spending.  And those DC insiders wouldn’t let me.’

Sad part is, his unthinking liberal followers will buy it even though his Democrat cronies in Washington did not.

414-0.  That’s a rout.

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Poll: Economy the Most Important Issue Heading into 2012 Election

March 12, 2012 at 8:00 am (2012 Election, Budget, Deficit, Economy, Education, Healthcare, Jobs, President Obama, Taxes)

With the economy continuing to struggle despite claims coming out of the White House, and gas prices surging upwards of $5/gallon, it’s no wonder that the one thing most important to voters this year would be their wallets.

The administration would have you believe that the economy is churning along on its epic recovery, yet the fact remains that if the number of people actively looking for a job were the same as the day Obama took office, the unemployment rate would be at a stunning 10.8%.

We asked, “What issue is most important to you in the 2012 election?”

  • Economy/Jobs – 65%
  • Healthcare – 15%
  • Taxes – 0%
  • Education – 0%
  • Budget Deficit – 15%
  • Other – 3%

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Governor Cuomo Accused of ‘Overreaching’ Power Grab

February 19, 2012 at 12:50 pm (Albany, Andrew Cuomo, Assembly, Brooklyn, Budget, Capital, Democrats, Governor Cuomo, Inspector General, James F. Brennan, New York, President Obama, Richard L. Brodsky)

Governor Cuomo seems to be following the path blazed by his colleague in the White House, riding a wave of popularity that he incorrectly perceives as a mandate to consolidate more power in his own hands.  And even Democrats are wary of these dangerous actions…

Via the New York Times:

In his proposed budget for next year, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has inserted language that would allow him to move money between state agencies without legislative approval.
He has included a clause that would allow him to give out some contracts without the customary review of the state comptroller. And he added another provision that some budget experts fear could expand his authority to borrow money for construction projects.
Riding high after a string of successes during his first year in office, Mr. Cuomo is now taking an expansive, and expanding, view of the role of governor, in the name of reining in the state’s sprawling bureaucracy.
But even some of Mr. Cuomo’s fellow Democrats are raising questions about what they view as a power grab. And suddenly a staple of civics class — the notion of checks and balances between different branches of government — is the talk of the Capitol.

One fellow Democrat calls it an overreach:

“I think many of us, including myself, feel that there is overreaching proceeding down the path by our new governor, and that it is ultimately not healthy for there to be excessive power in the executive branch, even though he’s popular,” said Assemblyman James F. Brennan, a Democrat of Brooklyn.

This of course comes on the heels of another power grab yielded by the Governor, in which the entire New York State Inspector General’s Office was granted the authority to snoop into the tax returns of not only the state employee workforce, but anyone they deem to be relevant to an investigation.  At the time, this level of investigative power was being labeled ‘unprecedented’, something even the State Attorney General has not been granted.

Cuomo brushed off any questions regarding this consolidation of powers in the executive branch as “basic competence”.  But another Democrat Assemblyman claims it will undo years of efforts to improve government accountability.

Richard L. Brodsky, a former Democratic assemblyman who wrote legislation to improve accountability of the state’s public authorities, said the provision would undo safeguards that lawmakers had put in place with some difficulty.
“It goes to the heart of the reform efforts that took six years, three governors and two attorneys general to get done, and it’s extremely important,” Mr. Brodsky said.

Read the rest…

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Obama Budget Calls For $1 Billion to Fill Out Names and Numbers on Checks

February 14, 2012 at 10:31 am (Budget, Economy, Government Waste, President Obama, Social Security, Spending)

Picture Dr. Evil – One billion dollars. 

Seriously, the President’s budget proposal sets aside $1 billion to accurately fill out names and numbers on social security checks.

How’s that for government efficiency? 

Via Big Government:

According to President Obama’s budget proposal today, his budget would continue “investment in program integrity by providing $1 billion to ensure benefits are paid to the right person and in the right amount.” Yes, you read that correctly: we are supposed to spend one thousand million dollars in order to achieve what American Express does correctly every single day (or, come to mention it, what the Dewey Decimal System did for books 100 years ago)…

What’s worse?  It may actually be a legitimate cause.

Social Security fraud and waste, of course, is a very real problem. In 2008, the Social Security Administration was so negligent in keeping its information up-to-date that it paid up to $11 billion to people who weren’t disabled anymore (Social Security pays for many disabled folks, as well as the elderly). And there were still nearly 800,000 people who were trying to get access to the agency’s judges to secure the benefits they were allegedly owed. So the Obama Administration stands on solid ground when it suggests that for every dollar it spends on system maintenance, many dollars in waste and fraud may be saved.

Better plan – Send that money to my house, we’ll hire some of those CareerBuilder office workers, and everything will be taken care of.

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