Here’s the Terrifying Forecast That Prompted Dems to Move to a Venue With 45,000 Fewer Seats

September 6, 2012 at 4:06 pm (Charlotte, Democrat National Convention, North Carolina, President Obama, Weather)

Yesterday, organizers for the Democrat National Convention announced a change in venue for Barack Obama’s big acceptance speech, citing a 100% chance of empty seats 40% chance of showers and lightning.

With the President set to speak at 10:30 pm, we’d like to show you the terrifying weather pattern developing over Charlotte during that timeframe, a situation so death-defying that it had to be moved to an arena with one-third the seating capacity of the original stadium.

We urge those of you with weaker stomachs to please look away…

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit also has a live shot of the treacherous weather…
Oh noes!!  How will we ever survive the partial clouds?!
Thank goodness the Democrats had the foresight to avert disaster by assuring people would not have to look at a half starlit night, and a partially obscured moon.  The horror.

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The Magic is Gone: Obama Just Downsized His Big Speech Venue

September 5, 2012 at 11:25 am (Bank of America, Charlotte, Democrat National Convention, DNC, Downsize, Lightning, North Carolina, President Obama)

There has been speculation for much of the week that the DNC would have to shift their convention site to a smaller venue for fear that the President Empty Chair would be on live television talking to a lot of … well … empty chairs.

Speculation has become reality now, as they are relocating the President’s speech from Bank of America Stadium to a much smaller Time Warner Cable Arena.

The capacity for BOA Stadium is roughly 65,000 people, whereas the new arena only seats about 20,000.

Of course, CBS dutifully bought the DNC’s reasoning for the change…

Democrats are significantly downsizing the final night of their national convention, moving the events — including President Obama’s acceptance speech — from Bank of America Stadium to the Time Warner Cable Arena because of threats of thunder and lightning.

Of course, as Ben White points out, there is only a 40% chance of afternoon showers in the Charlotte area, hardly a major threat of lightning storms, and certainly not cause for worry over 24 hours out.

The lightning is an awfully transparent excuse for moving Obama’s speech, perhaps the only transparent thing about the entire administration.  It was just yesterday that convention CEO Steve Kerrigan insisted the event would be held at Bank of America come “rain or shine”.
The real problem lies in that convention goers are few and far between, with officials resorting to giving tickets away all week in an attempt to fill vacant seats, including giving tickets to college Republicans!
There’s no way around this one.  Hope and change is gone.  The magic is gone.  And this November, Obama will be gone as well.

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Democrats Renaming ‘Bank of America’ Stadium?

July 17, 2012 at 3:57 pm (Bank of America, Charlotte, Democrat Convention, DNC, Donna Brazile, North Carolina, Panthers Stadium, President Obama)

The question here is – Which is the word they take more offense to, ‘bank’ or ‘America’?

President Obama will be delivering his acceptance speech at the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte in early September.  Recent campaign e-mails have been touting the event, held at Panther Stadium.

Problem is, there’s no venue by that name in Charlotte.

Via Politico:

National Democrats have repeatedly touted their stand against taking corporate money for their convention in September, and so it was striking to see two emails from the DNC host committee referring to the Charlotte venue where President Obama will speak as “Panthers Stadium.”

It’s the place where the Panthers play, but it’s actually called Bank of America stadium.

A recent email from the host committee signed by former Al Gore campaign manager Donna Brazile urged people to win a trip to Charlotte for the event, which will wrap “Thursday night at Panthers Stadium with President Obama.”

Another email in June made the same pitch about the stadium.

A host committee spokeswoman didn’t respond to an email. But it’s not like the stadium was ever called Panthers Stadium – first opened in 1996, it was Carolinas Stadium, and later Ericsson Stadium. Then the current corporate iteration.

Here is a copy of Brazile’s e-mail (h/t Outside the Beltway):

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