Romney Earned Zero Votes in 59 Philly and 9 Cleveland Voting Districts

November 13, 2012 at 8:58 am (Cleveland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Racism, Voter Fraud)

That’s simply unprecedented voting wizardry right there – nothing to do with voter fraud.


It’s one thing for a Democratic presidential candidate to dominate a Democratic city like Philadelphia, but check out this head-spinning figure: In 59 voting divisions in the city, Mitt Romney received not one vote. Zero. Zilch.

These are the kind of numbers that send Republicans into paroxysms of voter-fraud angst, but such results may not be so startling after all.

“We have always had these dense urban corridors that are extremely Democratic,” said Jonathan Rodden, a political science professor at Stanford University. “It’s kind of an urban fact, and you are looking at the extreme end of it in Philadelphia.”

Still, was there not one contrarian voter in those 59 divisions, where unofficial vote tallies have President Obama outscoring Romney by a combined 19,605 to 0?


Weasel Zippers adds this graphic from Cleveland precincts:

It’s either voter fraud or flat-out racism that drove these votes, no?

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Must See Video: Supporter Screams That Obama Gives Free Phones Through Food Stamps

September 27, 2012 at 4:26 pm (Cleveland, Free Phones, Mitt Romney, New York, Ohio, President Obama, Romney Sucks)

Good.  Lord.

Pray for our nation.

This was outside of a Romney campaign event in Cleveland, Ohio.  Is it any wonder Obama is leading in this state?  New York look good by comparison.

Via Twitchy:

Did you get all that? Obama must be “in president” because he bestows free phones on food stamp recipients, and “Romney sucks” because he doesn’t.  That shifty Romney, with all his crazy ideas about people having to earn money to buy their own phones … We’re gonna go out on a limb and suggest that this woman’s priorities are seriously out-of-whack.

By the way, this is what Mitt was referring to in that secret 47% video.  Should he be worrying about trying to change this persons mind?

Obama – the entitlement President.

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It’s Official: The President of the United States is a Machine

August 21, 2012 at 3:58 pm (Capital University, Cleveland, Ohio, President Obama, Reuters, Teleprompter, TOTUS)

You know how when you hang out with a person so often, and you develop a special relationship with that special someone you truly, truly love and rely on, that you start to inherit some of their traits?


Caption reads:

A teleprompter obscures U.S. President Barack Obama as he speaks during a campaign event at Capital University in Cleveland, Ohio August 21, 2012. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

It was bound to happen at some point.  The greatest orator of our time has turned out to be a bumbling dolt without his beloved teleprompter.

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Dozens of Occupy Cleveland Members Show Up to Courthouse In Support of Bridge Bomb Suspects

May 7, 2012 at 2:15 pm (Bridge Bomb Plot, Cleveland, Domestic Terrorist, Occupy Cleveland, Occupy Wall Street, Ohio, Solidarity)

Looks like the media will continue to cover for Occupy Cleveland and their ties to the bridge bombing suspects.

Take a gander at these contrasting reports, posted at roughly the same time.

Via the AP:

Five men described by the government as self-proclaimed anarchists entered not guilty pleas Monday to charges that accuse them of plotting to bomb a highway bridge near Cleveland.

The five will remain in jail until their next hearing, a federal magistrate said. A detention hearing scheduled for Monday was postponed.

The men were arrested last week when they allegedly tried to detonate what turned out to be a dud bomb provided by an FBI undercover informant.

The five had been associated with Occupy Cleveland, but organizers of the movement have tried to distance the group from the men. They say the five didn’t represent it or its non-violent philosophy.

Notice the inclusion of claims made by Occupy Cleveland that the group has nothing to do with the bombing suspects?

Now here’s a report from ABC-5 in Cleveland that throws water on the ‘we don’t want anything to do with them’ defense:

Dozens of members of Occupy Cleveland showed up at a Cleveland courthouse to support the five people charged in connection with an alleged plot to blow up a northeast Ohio bridge.

The five suspects — 21-year-old Connor Stevens, 24-year-old Joshua Stafford (aka “Skully”), 26-year-old Douglas Wright (aka “Cyco), 20-year-old Brandon Baxter (aka “Skabby”) and 37-year-old Anthony Hayne (aka “Tony” & “Billy”) – pleaded not guilty during their arraignment Monday morning.

The suspects had the charges — conspiracy and attempted use of explosive material to damage physical property affecting interstate commerce — read to them in open court.

In all, about 50 members of the Occupy Cleveland group went into courthouse. After the arrests were made, Occupy Cleveland said the five suspects were associated with the group, but they were “in no way representing or acting on behalf of Occupy Cleveland.”

Now if you’re a member of a group who wants to place distance between yourself and alleged domestic terrorists, would you attend their court hearing as a show of solidarity?

Of course we already know that some of the suspects were indeed actively involved with Occupy Cleveland, and the AP should know this as well.  But they chose to ignore any mention of those ties.

Warner Todd Huston reported over the weekend that one of the suspects was actually named on the lease for the Occupy Cleveland headquarters.

In another story that should surprise no one, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reveals that the name of one of the Ohio bridge bombers nabbed by the FBI is so closely involved with Occupy Cleveland that his name appears on the lease of the rented warehouse they use for a headquarters. Instead of being ashamed, though, the Occupiers are mad at the FBI, apparently.

When stories about the late April arrest of five Ohio men who had formed a plot to bomb some key bridges in Ohio first surfaced, the Old Media called them merely “anarchists.”

It wasn’t long, though, before the New Media began to find out that they weren’t just any amorphous “anarchists,” but members of the Occupy Wall Street movement in Cleveland (Occupy Cleveland). No Old Media outlets reported this in the beginning despite how easy it was to find the facts.

OWSers initially denied this claim saying it was just a smear job on them but now the newspaper in Cleveland finds that one of the accused, Anthony Hayne, 35, signed the lease of the building the Occupiers use for an HQ.

No denying it now, eh OWSers?

They’ll continue to deny it.  And the media will help them with that denial.

But 50 members showing support for their domestic terrorist brethren speaks volumes…

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