E-Mails Show Keith Olbermann a Much-Despised Drama Queen

April 5, 2012 at 7:00 am (Al Gore, Car Service, Current TV, Diva, Drama Queen, Driver, Keith Olbermann, Liberal, Twitter)

Olbermann’s last stint was with the epically pathetic Al Gore station, Current TV, so he has pretty much burned all of his bridges.  Perhaps this means he won’t be gracing our TV sets any time soon.

From the New York Post:

Liberal bloviator Keith Olbermann spent his last days at Current TV driving colleagues nuts with rants about “smelly’’ drivers who had the audacity to talk to him, according to startling e-mails obtained by The Post.
“The problem is with him . . . the man who professes to be for the 99% doesn’t want any of the 99% talking to him or being near him,” an accounting executive complained in one of the missives.
An assistant, who had just about maxed out her corporate card in a desperate attempt to find a car service whose drivers would meet Olbermann’s exacting standards, e-mailed Accounting:
 “I bet you wish I was joking about this . . . but we have yet another car service we need to open an account with.
“Any chance we can get this ASAP? I keep putting the charges on my corporate card and I’m afraid it will go over the limit soon!”
But then she had an inspiration — why not try an LA company called, appropriately, “Diva.’’
“I am hoping this is the last one!!” the exasperated staffer said.
It worked, but it didn’t last long, because Olbermann was fired about a month later.
He did, however, leave the studio for the last time in a Diva limo, sent by the firm’s New York operation.
Olbermann’s pre-Diva drivers had disdained him as much as he despised them.
“I don’t watch him. And I don’t like him as a person,” said one Skyline driver. “He’s wealthy and entitled. That should be your answer.”

You didn’t watch him and you don’t like him as a person?  Welcome to the rest of the world.

Personally, this has always been one of my favorite Twitter messages…

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