If At First You Don’t Succeed, Occupy Again

June 4, 2012 at 7:00 am (Dean Skelos, Governor Cuomo, Minimum Wage, New York, Occupy Albany, Party, PCU)

Early last week we reported on the massive protest undertaken by the Occupy Albany movement, regarding a hike in the minimum wage rate.  The occupiers were so upset with Governor Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, that they marched right down to the Capitol, and staged a protest of their empty offices.  The locked doors also created quite a difficulty for the intellectually challenged group; they couldn’t seem to find their way around the building.  As a result, even the normally friendly local media took to mocking the group.

Not one to take kindly to a lack of positive press, the Occupy attention whores returned to the Capitol, specifically to stage a sit-in at Skelos’ office.  And every one that managed to get into his office – six if you’re keeping score at home – were arrested.

Via CBS 6:

Six Occupy Albany demonstrators were charged with misdemeanor trespassing in New York’s Capitol on Thursday in a demonstration aimed at raising the minimum wage.

The protesters were arrested and handcuffed by state troopers after they staged a sit-in in the office of Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos. State police say they were arrested after they refused to leave the office.

As per usual, the protesters sole accomplishment was a series of chants which showed off their epic rhyming skills  – because basic chanting at a 3rd grade level is oh so impressive.

Fortunately, we here at the Mental Recession have located exclusive footage of the Occupy Albany protest, seen below.

Whoa… Not sure how that slipped in there. Remind me to fire the video production manager later.

Anyway, here’s the actual clip of the Occupy Albany minimum wage protest, which pretty much amounts to the same thing – a group of losers pretending their message trumps all.

Best part of this clip?  The group of them chanting, “the whole world is watching”.

No … no they’re not.  I had a good 10-12 people at a cookout last weekend, and more people were watching the grill than were watching you Occupy Albany.

If you spent half as much time looking for a job as you do protesting during other people’s work hours, then perhaps your job performance could dictate a raise in wages.

Let me break it down into basic syllables that even you can understand.

It’s hard to hold on to a job – when you keep acting like a knob!
It’s hard to hold on to a job – when you keep acting like a knob!
Your movement IS stoppable, shampoo and soap is possible!
Your movement IS stoppable, shampoo and soap is possible!

See how easy that chanting business is?

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Occupy Albany So Angry Over Minimum Wage, They Went Out and Protested … Nobody

May 29, 2012 at 4:22 pm (Albany, Capitol, Dean Skelos, Doug Bullock, Governor Cuomo, Minimum Wage, New York, Occupy Albany)

Leaders of the Occupy Albany movement need to get slightly more organized if they plan on having protests that will have an impact on government.  Today, about 40 protesters gathered ’round the Capitol calling for an increase in the minimum wage – an issue that Governor Cuomo has declared dead this year.  

Two of the main targets of the protest were Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos, and the Governor himself. The protesters though, apparently didn’t scout their targets very well prior to planning their demonstration.
Via the Troy Record (emphasis mine):

About 40 protesters wound throughout the building Tuesday, chanting and refusing to accept that the measure is politically dead.

They targeted Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos (SKEH’-lohs) and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, saying their refusal to push the Assembly bill is “shameful.”

Neither Cuomo nor Skelos was in Albany.

Fail.  To stage a truly impactful protest, wouldn’t it behoove the occupiers to actually make sure their targets are present in the building?

And it’s not just me that’s mocking the effort – the normally friendly Times Union had this to say about today’s event:

A gathering of roughly three dozen activists from Occupy Albany and Citizen Action, among others, wended their way through a very quiet Capitol on Tuesday morning — a tactic that’s either dopey (there’s no one here to get the message) or canny (the Capitol press corps is hungry for content), depending on how you look at it — to press for a minimum wage increase.

I’ll take ‘Things That Are Dopey’ for $800, Alex.

The Union continued their mocking:

The activists then descended to the third floor, and found the western set of doors leading to the Senate Republicans’ conference room locked (they’re almost always open, and remained that way last June despite a heavy turnout of same-sex marriage protesters of every sort). One speaker said that if Skelos continued to block the increase, he and any other opponents would face a series of very public actions designed to shame them.

The protesters concluded that the locked doors indicated that they “must be doing something right.” Then they checked out the eastern set of doors to the GOP zone, where state troopers offered no protest to their entrance. (Left unasked: Whether this access was a sign the protesters were doing something wrong.)

Occupy Albany posted this image on their Facebook page earlier today:

The man seen on the lower left is Doug Bullock, a Democrat member of the Albany County Legislature.  Wouldn’t a sitting member of the Legislature have more um, ‘legislative’ ways of dealing with minimum wage laws and proposals?  Is he there representing the 8th Legislative District, or is he there representing a ragtag group of ill-informed protesters?

One other question – What are these people doing here at the Capitol, in the middle of a work day?  If they’re protesting for a higher minimum wage does that not assume they actually have jobs that they should be present for?

Perhaps they’re just recruiting more occupants…

This report from MSNBC shows why a hike in the minimum wage “will cut employment, reduce access to the entry-level positions that lead to better jobs, increase poverty and motivate teenagers to leave school.”

More people out of work = more time to Occupy!  Hell’s yea, mic check baby!

Occupy Albany – Let it go.  You’ve even become embarrassing to the local media which continue to cover your silly little rallies.

You’ve outlived your usefulness, if you ever had one.

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