Wendy Long Exposes Gillibrand as Flip-Flopping Job Killing Partisan

October 18, 2012 at 8:00 am (Ed Cox, Kirsten Gillibrand, New York, Skidmore College, War on Women, Wendy Long)

Yesterday, New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox released the following statement:

“At Skidmore College this evening, Wendy Long and Kirsten Gillibrand engaged in their only debate – while Long had agreed to six separate debates, New York’s Junior Senator only agreed to one.
On taxes, Long cited Ronald Reagan’s caveat that ‘the federal government doesn’t have debt and deficits because the American people are undertaxed,’ and pledged to lower the federal tax burden for New Yorkers, already the most taxed citizens in the nation.

Gillibrand paid lipservice to the fiscal conservatism, but when pressed by Long, was unable to cite a single federal program that she would cut.

Gillibrand tried in vain to cast herself as a supporter of the Second Amendment, but was unable to explain her 180 degree flip-flop on gun control, which led the NRA to downgrade her from an “A” rating to an “F”.

Gillibrand, who has been selling baseless “War on Women” rhetoric for years, refused to accept Long’s invitation to join her in calling for the resignation of Speaker Sheldon Silver, who was caught using taxpayer money as hush payouts for female victims of rape and sexual harassment in the New York State Assembly.

Wendy Long is the only person in this race who will put the people of New York over partisan interests.”

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Cox: Gillibrand Touts STOCK Act While Betting Against America

October 3, 2012 at 8:00 am (Ed Cox, Housing Market, Jonathan Gillibrand, Kirsten Gillibrand, Mortgage Industry, New York, STOCK Act)

Today New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox responded to Senator Gillibrand’s new ad highlighting transparency in Washington and passage of the STOCK Act:
“Senator Gillibrand once again demonstrates an uncanny ability to say one thing and do another.  In her latest campaign ad, she touts transparency in Washington and uses passage of the STOCK Act as an example of her record of accomplishment.
“True to form, Senator Gillibrand has done an about-face and is now trying to claim credit as a champion of reform of the broken rules she exploited and profited from. 
“During the worst years of the financial crisis, a close examination of the trading activity by Jonathan and Kirsten Gillibrand reveals a strategy with a singular focus – betting against America.
“Based on the number and frequency of the Gillibrands reported trades, it’s clear that it was a daily focus with huge stretches of time dedicated to shorting American companies.  Further, the Gillibrands’ strategy was so narrowly targeted at profiting from the demise of the U.S. housing sector that it’s disgraceful, not to mention simple-minded and clearly beneath a U.S. Senator.
“If Senator Gillibrand is genuinely concerned with transparency and serious about cleaning up corruption in Washington, she should disclose to the public where she got the foresight to invest against the housing market at a time when most of the country was unaware of its imminent collapse.”
The facts:
  • 2005: $2K – $30K nominal value year-end short positions; $201 – $1K in income for the year from shorts.
  • 2006: $0 nominal value year end short positions; $202 – $1200 in income for the year from shorts; 17 transactions of face value btw $5K and $75K.  (The same year they reported the nominal value of their calls to be btw $1K and $15K.)
  • 2007: $38K – $220K nominal value year end short positions; $52K – $165K in income from that; 141 total transactions in total nominal amount of btw $62K and $763K.  (No calls.)
  • 2008: $2K – $55K of nominal value year end short positions; $275K – $763K in income; 258 transactions in a nominal amount of btw $455K and $1.95mm.  (The same year they reported calls with value of btw only $17K and $84K.)
  • 2009: 0 – $2K of nominal value year end short positions; $5K – $16K in income off of 7 transactions in total amount of btw $5K and $75K.  (The same year they reported calls with value of btw $17K and $81K.)
  • 2010: 0 in year end short positions; 0 in income; 15 transactions of btw $6K and $91K in nominal value.
TOTALS: Between 2005 and 2010, he reported between $332K and $946K in income from shorting the US mortgage industry, housing industry and overall economy.  There are 441 transactions in total.  Nominal amounts of all transactions are between $533K and $2.96mm. 
More detailed information available on request.

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Obama Snubs Netanyahu, Meets with Jay-Z Instead

September 18, 2012 at 11:00 am (Benjamin Netanyahu, Beyonce, Ed Cox, Jay-Z, New York, President Obama)

Today, New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox released the following stattement:

“Once again, we’re happy to welcome President Obama back to New York State, where our unemployment rate (9.1%) is a full point above the national average.

America and the world are in crisis: unemployment is still high, our national debt has topped $16 trillion, our embassies are burning and Iran is closer than ever to becoming a nuclear nation.

Against this backdrop, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu asked Barack Obama for a meeting.

Obama turned down the request from the leader of America’s closes ally in the Middle East.

Instead, the President of the United States will be hobnobbing with Jay-Z and Beyonce at a $40,000-per-person, 100-person fundraiser at the swank 40/40 Club – that’s a cash haul of $4 million for the President.

Put another way, Obama will leave New York with $4.68 for every one of our state’s unemployed workers.

America needs a President more interested in the status of our allies abroad and our unemployed at home than in partying with celebrities: America needs Mitt Romney in the White House.”

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New York Democrats Have Joined Arms in the War on Women

September 5, 2012 at 12:13 pm (Cover Up, Ed Cox, Kirsten Gillibrand, New York, Payoffs, Sexual Harassment, Sheldon Silver, Vito Lopez, War on Women)

Today, New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox released the following statement regarding the silence by New York Democrats in Charlotte:

“It is deeply disappointing that New York Democrats in Charlotte, like U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, have remained utterly silent about the attempted sexual assault cover-ups perpetrated by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Indeed, Mr. Silver is serving as the head of the New York delegation at the Democratic National Convention, without a peep from Ms. Gillibrand or her fellow delegates. That is an embarrassment to our state.

“While Ms. Gillibrand has continued to promulgate the term ‘War on Women,’ it appears the only ‘War on Women’ in Albany is against female Assembly staff members.

“Mr. Silver has established a clear pattern of covering up sexual crimes committed against female staff members by his political colleagues. He must not be allowed to remain Speaker. I urge New York Democrats –especially those like Ms. Gillibrand, who purport to stand up for women, to join me in calling on Mr. Silver to step aside as Speaker.

“Continued silence from the Democratic delegation in Charlotte is unacceptable.”

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NY GOP Chairman Calls on Silver to Resign Over Repeated Sexual Harassment Coverups

September 4, 2012 at 5:29 pm (Ed Cox, Ethics, Gropergate, J. Michael Boxley, New York, Sheldon Silver, Vito Lopez)

It’s a scandal that Democrats don’t want you to know about here in New York state – Gropergate. So much so, that they’ve taken to seating New York delegates at the convention in practically another zip code.

Today New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox called on Sheldon Silver to step down as Speaker of the Assembly Following Sex Abuse Cover-up Revelations:

“Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver claims his actions handling the cover-up of a hush-money payout to quell sexual abuse allegations against Democrat Assemblyman Vito Lopez were ‘legal and ethical.’

“A judge appointed special prosecutor will determine if criminal liability attaches to actions approved by the Speaker, but we don’t need a special prosecutor to rule on the ethics of this transaction.

“Faced with a member of his caucus who had on multiple occasions sexually harassed female staff members, Speaker Silver neglected to refer the matter to the Assembly Ethics Committee and instead took an active role in covering up the abuse, including paying over $100,000 of taxpayer money to the victim, who did not request confidentiality.

“Silver’s actions were unethical and wholly unbecoming of a member of the New York State Assembly, let alone its Speaker.

“Sheldon Silver’s history of covering up sex abuse in the Democratic Assembly caucus includes a $500,000 settlement in 2004 for sexual misconduct by Silver’s Chief Counsel and an $80,000 settlement in 1992 for similar charges against another Democratic Assemblyman.

“As Speaker, Sheldon Silver has allowed a culture of abuse to permeate the Democratic Assembly caucus and has demonstrated a manifest disregard for the wellbeing and safety of female Assembly staff members.

“Additionally, the Speaker’s use of public money to settle these claims is questionable at best, and may in and of itself be illegal.

“Enough is enough. The line must be drawn here. For the sake of female officials and staffers in the Assembly – and indeed for the sake of all New Yorkers – Sheldon Silver must step down as Speaker of the New York State Assembly.”

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Cox to Miner: Apologize For Incendiary Remarks

September 4, 2012 at 3:57 pm (Ed Cox, GOP, Governor Cuomo, New York, Sheldon Silver, Stephanie Miner, Vito Lopez)

New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox today released the following statement:

“Syracuse Mayor and state Democratic co-chair Stephanie Miner’s divisive attack on Republicans yesterday, calling the GOP ‘a party of hatred that wraps up their hatred in clever 30-second sound bites,’ is completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated, especially considering the circumstances.”

Miner’s harsh attack on Republicans follows the recent sexual harassment settlement scandal involving Democrats Vito Lopez and Sheldon Silver.

“State Chair Stephanie Miner should apologize for her hateful and unfounded attack on Republicans.  There is no room for that kind of language in the political arena.”

“On the other hand, Governor Cuomo has demonstrated a willingness to work with senate Republicans resulting in steps towards growth for New York including cutting the state’s budget, creating a new pension tier and championing fiscal reforms.  We call on the Governor to repudiate this hateful and embarrassing rhetoric.”

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Cox: Tonko, Schreibman Medi-scare Tactics Shameful

August 23, 2012 at 3:51 pm (Bethany Village, Bob Dieterich, Chris Gibson, Coxsackie, Ed Cox, Jimmy Vielkind, Julian Schreibman, Medi-Scare, Medicare, New York, Obamacare, Paul Tonko, Seniors)

Today New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox released the following statement in response to democrat candidate Julian Schreibman and Congressman Paul Tonko’s recent visit to the Bethany Village senior living complex in Coxsackie:
“Mr. Schreibman and Congressman Tonko should be ashamed of themselves for their disingenuous “mediscare” attacks on the Ryan budget.  Paul Tonko and Julian Schreibman are preying upon the most vulnerable among us, scaring senior citizens with lies about Medicare, while failing to lay out their own plan to save Medicare and Social Security for future generations.
Today’s Times Union article, “Politics of Fear Target Elderly,” by Jimmy Vielkind, states:
Neither Schreibman nor Tonko, an Amsterdam Democrat who joined Schreibman for the event, offered a plan with detailed savings to keep the program afloat. Schreibman spent nearly eight minutes raging against the “Ryan-Gibson” plan before he offered four broad ideas about how to shore up Medicare.”   
“Furthermore, Congressman Tonko’s vote for Obamacare has had a disastrous effect on Medicare, raiding $741 billion out of the Medicare trust to pay for an entirely new entitlement program.  If Congressman Tonko and Mr. Schreibman were really concerned about our seniors, they would focus on repealing Obamacare rather than resort to using “mediscare” tactics.
“It is time Americans be told the truth; it is time to stop politicizing such a serious issue, especially at the expense of senior citizens.  Republican Congressman Chris Gibson and Republican candidate Bob Dieterich are willing to have serious and honest conversations with the American people about our economic crisis and getting out country back on the right track to freedom and prosperity.”

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Obama: Team Romney Plays "A Little Dirty", Time to "Put Them Away"

August 23, 2012 at 11:00 am (2012 Election, Basketball, Carmelo Anthony, Donors, Ed Cox, Golf, Michael Jordan, Mitt Romney, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, Patrick Ewing, President Obama, Romney Campaign, Sports)

It what may stand as the longest, rambling basketball analogy ever made by a politician, President Obama accused the Romney campaign of playing dirty yesterday.

You know, like that time they accused the President of allowing a man’s wife to get cancer and die?  Or the time they accused Democrats of wanting dirtier air and water?  Or how about that time they ran an ad showing the President throwing grandma and her wheelchair off the cliff?  Oh wait, what?

“I can’t resist a basketball analogy,” Obama told the crowd, according to a White House pool report.  “We are in the fourth quarter.  We’re up by a few points but the other side is coming on strong and they play a little dirty.

“We’ve got a few folks on our team in foul trouble.  We’ve got a couple of injuries, and I believe that they’ve got one last run in them.”

“I’d say there’s about seven minutes to go in the game.  And [Michael Jordan’s] competitiveness is legendary, and nobody knows better than Michael that if you’ve got a little bit of a lead and there’s about seven minutes to go — that’s when you put them away.

GOP chairman Ed Cox had a basketball analogy of his own for the President.

“While President Obama spends his day shooting hoops with Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, and Carmelo Anthony, his administration continues to throw bricks when it comes to job creation and economic growth.

And in other heartbreaking sports-related news, despite the fact that the President’s sole success story during his reign is the fact that he has a laser-like focus on all things sports – i.e. 100+ rounds of golf, pickup basketball games and fundraiser, filling out college brackets – team owners in the four major sports have made a majority of their contributions to Republicans this cycle.

Overall, team owners for the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL have given $1,992,050 to 2012 national election efforts. Of the total, Republicans were the victors with nearly $1.25 million. Democrats received a little more than $750,000, the station said.

And that includes the NBA team from New York; Knicks owner James Dolan is a Romney donor.

Here’s another basketball analogy.  Let’s hope that when November comes, the President has been ejected from the game for a flagrant technical foul on the economy and the American dream.

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New York GOP Greets President Obama … With a Cold Dose of Reality

August 22, 2012 at 9:58 pm (Carmelo Anthony, Ed Cox, Michael Jordan, Mitt Romney, New York, Patrick Ewing, President Clinton, President Obama, Unemployment, Welfare Reform)

Today New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox released the following statement regarding President Obama’s latest celebrity fueled fundraiser:

“Once again, we’re happy to welcome President Obama back to New York, where unemployment in both New York City (9.6%) and New York State (8.9%) remains above the national average, for yet another swank, star-studded fundraiser for his reelection campaign.

“While President Obama spends his day shooting hoops with Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, and Carmelo Anthony, his administration continues to throw bricks when it comes to job creation and economic growth.

“Today also marks the 16th anniversary of President Clinton signing bipartisan “welfare to work” requirements into law, which Obama unilaterally dismantled last month.  Welfare reform demonstrated that government policies can best help those in need by promoting work and personal responsibility over government dependence.

“In one fell swoop, Obama undermined one of the most celebrated bipartisan achievements of the 1990s in an election year handout to his liberal base.

“It’s an insult to Americans on welfare who are looking for an opportunity to build better lives for themselves and a kick in the gut to the millions of hard-working middle-class taxpayers struggling in today’s economy – working more for less but always preferring self-sufficiency to a government handout.

“Mitt Romney has promised to rescind Obama’s executive action and make clear that work requirements are not optional.

“Governor Romney’s plan for a stronger middle class will rely on the hard work and ingenuity of the American people – not more directives and dollars from Washington.”

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