Pro-Illegal Alien Poll Watching? There’s an App For That

September 13, 2012 at 7:03 am (2012 Elections, Common Cause, Elections, George Soros, LatinoJustice PRLDEF, New York, Open Society Institute, Poll Watching, PollWatchUSA, Sonia Sotomayor)

There is a new poll watching app being rolled out for smartphones in a few local primary races in New York today.  The app, named PollWatchUSA, will allow users to report problems at the ballot box.

A new app that lets voters flag polling-place irregularities will be tested at the primaries on Thursday and, if it works well, will be rolled out citywide for the November general election.

The program, PollWatchUSA, enables voters to report in real time if they are experiencing undue delays, having trouble getting or casting a ballot, or being subjected to harassment or intimidation.

Here is how the reporting will work:

In addition to allowing people to report impediments to voting quickly and easily, the application maps election trouble spots and allows observers, from the news media or from good-government groups like Common Cause, to alert the Board of Elections and to dispatch their own monitors to affected polling places.

It isn’t the app itself which should raise some eyebrows, but rather the group that is testing out PollWatchUSA today – an extreme, racially biased, pro-illegal alien group known as LatinoJustice PRLDEF.

The monitoring and advocacy group LatinoJustice PRLDEF will have a dozen or so volunteers posted at polling sites Thursday in Washington Heights and the Bronx equipped with the app.

“Our hope is to be able to use the crowdsourcing feature for poll monitoring so that we can assess any language, intimidation or other issues as they arise and address those problems by dispatching volunteers to those stations,” the group said in a statement. “We will use the data to better prepare polling stations for the general election in November.”

LatinoJustice currently has ‘expanded right(s) for illegal aliens’ as a central goal, and have long demanded “a path for legalization and citizenship for the millions of undocumented living in the United States.”

Why would a group whose main focus is the rights of illegal aliens need to stalk election locations?  And is this borderline intimidation for the to monitor the elections, and have the ability to call in the media when they find something objectionable to their pro-illegal agenda?

A recent article by Kevin Mooney over at Breitbart mentions LatinoJustice as a group trying “to keep non-citizens who tend to favor Democrats registered as voters.”  And now they’ll be able to make sure they vote as well.

That’s a concern.

The LatinoJustice group is so controversial that they came up as a possible deterrent in the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

From Accuracy in Media:

Sotomayor was a member of the National Council of La Raza from 1998 to 2004, and also gave speeches at La Raza-sponsored events. La Raza, whose name translates to “the Race” in Spanish, lobbies for radical policies like open border laws and access to drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants.

The Supreme Court nominee also spent over a decade serving on the board of the left-wing LatinoJustice Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund (PRLDF) from 1980 until 1992. The PRLDF “pushes for enforced multiculturalism, diversity, bilingual public education, race-based gerrymandering of electoral districts, race-based employment quotas, tenants’ rights, and illegal immigrants’ rights,” argued Matthew Vadum of the American Spectator on May 26th.

And if that isn’t enough to raise eyebrows, LatinoJustice also receives funding from the George Soros group, the Open Society Institute.

Intimidation by pro-illegal alien groups at the polls?  Now there’s an app for that.

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Democrat Guilty of Forgery Testifies ‘I Wasn’t Involved In Any Criminal Procedures’

February 29, 2012 at 5:32 pm (Anthony DeFiglio, Anthony Renna, Ballot Fraud, Brian Premo, Crime, Democrats, Edward McDonough, Elections, Integrity, John Brown, Michael LoPorto, New York, Primary, Troy, Voter Fraud, WFP, William McInerney)

Oh what a knee-slapper we witnessed at the upstate New York voter fraud case today!

The Democrat party in this area is but a comedy of errors, day after day in court – problem being, they are the only ones who have had a laugh at the expense of poor, minority voters whose rights were being trampled during recent elections.

Anthony Renna, a long-time Democrat operative who has already been found guilty of second-degree forgery, actually had the fortitude to say the following with a straight face:

When asked why he handed ballots to former City Councilman John Brown, Renna said that he didn’t know what Brown’s intentions were and that “I wasn’t involved in any criminal procedures.”

Of course, in addition to having already been charged, Renna and a cohort in the scandal, Anthony DeFiglio,  told police that, “voter fraud is an accepted way of winning elections, and faking absentee ballots was commonplace.”

Fraud and forgery must not register as illegal in the mind of Democrats.

Earlier this month we reported on another statement made by Renna:

Renna explained that the process of handing in forged ballots and fake votes ensures that “ballots are voted correctly.”  He adds, “‘Voted correctly’ is a term used for a forged application or ballot.”

It would appear that Renna still isn’t aware that forgery is indeed a criminal procedure.  Of course, that might be because he and the Democrats in New York had been getting away with it for some time.

Testimony today revealed that one of the defendants in the case, Edward McDonough, one of two Democrats facing a litany of charges involving forgery and falsifying documents, had provided State Police with evidence that Renna himself had forged ballots in the 2007 general election, as well as the 2009 primary.

At one point during his testimony, Renna was challenged by defense attorney Brian Premo, “You committed many felonies of voter fraud over the past 20 to 30 years, isn’t that right?”

Renna denied that was the case, but as we reported earlier in the trial, a State Police Investigator stated that DeFiglio had referred to the voter fraud scheme as a ‘normal political tactic’ that had been taking place for ’25 years’.  

Th crux of the defense’s argument was that long-time operatives in the Democrat party such as Renna were actually the ones who had developed the forgery scheme throughout the years, and had simply showed newcomers the ropes.

All told, Renna admitted to forging ten ballots on the stand Wednesday.

He also made statements suggesting that he may have tried to get DeFiglio out of the area to, as in the words of the defense “tamper with the witness”.  The exchange as reported by the Times Union:

Premo also asked Renna if he tampered with evidence during the investigation by suggesting that Democratic operative Anthony DeFiglio leave the state when the fraud case broke.
Renna said McInerney sent him to DeFiglio with a job offer in Vermont.
“You wanted to tamper with the witness, right?” Premo asked.
“It all pertained to him not having a job at that time,” Renna said.
“In fact, they did not want him to talk to investigators, right?” Premo asked.
“There was a feeling he might be better off leaving the area,” Renna said.

Renna frequently came off as inept during his testimony, making statements that were not made during previous interviews or testimony, and forgetting names and individuals involved in scenarios when cross-examined.

Premo believes the inept act to be just that – an act.

“In fact you are just play acting for this jury, acting like you are slowed by illness when in fact you’re very streetwise, right?” he asked.

At least the city of Troy can rest easy knowing that Renna and the other Democrats still don’t believe what they did could be considered ‘criminal procedures”.

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Report: Voter Registration Errors Run Rampant

February 14, 2012 at 12:15 pm (Congressional Black Caucus, Democrats, Elections, Identification, Pew, Registration, Republicans, Voter Fraud)

This should be a concern for both sides of the aisle – Republican and Democrat – but it’s not.  Why?  Republicans want voter ID to ensure the integrity of elections, Democrats want to continue stripping any remaining shred of integrity from the elections.

From the New York Times:

The nation’s voter registration rolls are in disarray, according to a report released Tuesday by the Pew Center on the States. The problems have the potential to affect the outcomes of local, state and federal elections.

One in eight active registrations is invalid or inaccurate. At the same time, one in four people who are eligible to vote — at least 51 million potential voters — are not registered.

Inaccuracies include nearly two million dead people, and nearly three million people with multiple state registrations.

The report found that there are about 1.8 million dead people listed as active voters. Some 2.8 million people have active registrations in more than one state. And 12 million registrations have errors serious enough to make it unlikely that mailings based on them will reach voters.

“These problems waste taxpayer dollars, undermine voter confidence and fuel partisan disputes over the integrity of our elections,” said David Becker, director of election initiatives at the center.

The Times report actually hints that an online system that uses voter ID may be a solution.

One possible response, employed in Arizona and Washington State, is to allow online registration, which is cheaper, more accurate and more convenient but may raise security concerns. Ms. Lamone, the Maryland election official, said her state for now “is completely paper based” but would allow online registration starting in July for people with a valid state driver’s license or military identification.

But wait, isn’t valid identification racist?  Isn’t that what the Black Congressional Caucus recently told us?  Here’s what they said:

The Congressional Black Caucus … took to the House floor to charge that voter ID laws popping up around the country are aimed at dissuading minority voters from voting, and making it harder for President Obama to win re-election.

According to the Pew study however, it would appear that failing to shore up these voter registration flaws is actually detrimental to underprivileged communities.  Using Juan Williams guide to racist code, we of course understand that poor actually means black.

The flaws in the voter registration rolls have a disproportionately negative impact on mobile populations, including students and other young people, the poor and members of the military, the Pew report found.

That makes it official.  Failing to push for voter ID is racist.

But then, we all knew the Democrats were projecting the entire time didn’t we?

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Wisconsin Recall Petitions Show Serious Problems

February 11, 2012 at 1:22 pm (Elections, Fraud, Recall, Scott Walker, True the Vote, Voter Fraud, Wisconsin)

True the Vote has been waging a war on voter fraud across the country, empowering citizens to verify the integrity of the electoral process in their state, or in national races of interest.  They have been concentrating efforts of late in the state of Wisconsin, as Governor Scott Walker is facing recall due to his strong budget-balancing, anti-union monopoly on the economy stance.  It is an ongoing and uphill battle, with the Government Accountability Board of Wisconsin stating that they simply do not have the resources necessary to verify the petition signatures.  Signatures that the Board has concluded would be legal for such names as Mickey Mouse, and Adolf Hitler.  

But it’s not just Walker who will be subjected to recall efforts, as other Republican officials have been petitioned as well.

Via True the Vote:

The integrity of Wisconsin elections is on the verge of implosion, as United Wisconsin’s coordinated effort to recall six Wisconsin officials has led to the submission of more than 1,000,000 petition signatures. In an effort to audit these signatures True the Vote is discovering significant errors, including duplicate signatures, incorrect addresses, and the like.

Thus far, the organization has found discrepancies for nearly 9,000 petition signatures.

Please read the press release below and consider volunteering your support.  As we’re learning almost on a daily basis – protecting the integrity of the election process can only be done if the people still care about that process.

Do you?

True the Vote.

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Breaking: First Witness in New York Ballot Fraud Case Claims He Was Paid to Register

January 25, 2012 at 1:03 pm (Anthony DeFiglio, Ballot Fraud, Clement Campana, Democrats, Ed McDonough, Elections, James Gordon, Jermaine Joseph, John Brown, John Ogden, Michael LoPorto, New York, Omaira Rodriguez, Trey Smith, Troy, Voter Fraud)

The first witness called to testify in the upstate New York ballot fraud case, Jermaine Joseph, provided the expected testimony – ballots were filled out on his behalf, votes were cast across a straight Democrat party line, etc.

But an interesting caveat was also revealed, something Joseph did not provide in his grand jury testimony – He claims he was paid for his troubles.

Via the Times Union:

A former Hudson Valley Community College football player told jurors Wednesday that he was paid $10 to register to vote by a man from Troy City Hall.

Jermaine Joseph was the first witness called to testify at the trial of two Democrats accused of forging absentee ballots to hijack the 2009 Working Families Party primary.

Joseph said that he and his roommate were each given $10 by a man from Troy City Hall after they signed voter registration cards in 2009. He did not identify the man.

The Troy Record reports that the man told them to go grocery shopping.


Smith had Joseph read how the ballot cast in his name was filled out: It was a straight Democratic line. Democrats were running for the party nomination.

Another witness, Omaira Rodriguez, also testified, claiming that a signature and general hand-writing on an absentee ballot that she never requested, was not hers.

For more background on the case, please go here…


Rodriguez said that said that “she had voted in the 2009 WFP primary but said she did not do it through an absentee ballot.”

Troy Record:

In documents presented by Matthew Hugg, an attorney assisting Smith during the trial, it showed that an application was filled out in Rodriguez’s name claiming she would be in New York City on Sept. 15, 2009. Rodriguez said she was not the one who indicated on the absentee ballot application that she would be on vacation around the time and added that she had not been to New York City since 2005.

New York State Police Investigator John Ogden was also questioned.

Ogden said he was assigned the case on Oct. 15, 2009. He went through the various leads that were developed through interviews with people involved in the alleged scheme such as Working Families Party operative Sara Couch and Democratic Party operative and former Troy Housing Authority employee Anthony DeFiglio. DeFigilio pled guilty to one felony of falsifying business records in December, 2011.


Ogden says that the handwriting on the 2007/2008 applications was similar to the fraudulent 2009 applications.

In other words, local Democrats have been doing this for years.  No wonder they thought it was a ‘normal political tactic’.

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VIDEO: Opening Statement Heard in Upstate New York Voter Fraud Case

January 24, 2012 at 5:05 pm (Ballot Fraud, Bob Mirch, Brian Premo, Clement Campana, Democrats, Ed McDonough, Elections, James Gordon, John Brown, Michael LoPorto, New York, Trey Smith, Troy, Voter Fraud)

Opening statements were made by both the prosecution and the defense in a massive upstate New York voter fraud case.  Special prosecutor, Trey Smith, promises to expose the seedy underbelly of Democratic politics in the city of Troy, something other Democrats already charged in the case have referred to as ‘normal political tactics.’

The trial involves Democrat Board of Elections Commissioner Ed McDonough, and former Councilman Michael LoPorto, who combined, face over 100 total charges that include second-degree forgery, second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument, and second-degree criminal possession.

Smith has claimed that Democrats ‘went for a power grab to ensure that several of its candidates, namely former Councilman John Brown, LoPorto, and former Council President Clement Campana, won the 2009 Working Families Party primary, which would help them win the general election a month later.’

For his part, defense attorney Brian Premo, isn’t necessarily denying the accusations but rather, trying to place “the blame on Democratic politicians and operatives”.  He even admitted a scheme in which Brown and Campana, both aspiring mayoral candidates, concocted a story to blame the fraud on then Department of Public Works Commissioner Bob Mirch, a Republican.

When the act of fraud was made public, Premo said Brown then held a meeting with members of the Working Families Party and workers from the Board of Elections at LoPorto’s Restaurant on fourth Street. There, he suggested the WFP members blame the fraud on then-Department of Public Works Commissioner Bob Mirch.

In our report last week, James Gordon, Chairman of the Troy Republican Committee said, “This was greed, ignorance, lack of ethics, and laziness.  Bad people doing bad things.”

Watch the prosecution’s opening statement below…

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