Merry Christmas: Fire Victim Billed $1400 for Water Used to Fight Blaze

December 3, 2012 at 12:32 pm (Al Roney, Brunswick, Fire Victim, Firefighters, Mike Petrio, New York, Poestenkill)

Mike Petrio’s house was consumed by flames last Monday.  Firefighters fought the blaze for nine hours, but the house is likely to be classified as a total loss. 
A few days later, Petrio’s mailbox, one of the few things left intact on his property, brought more bad news – a bill from the city, charging him for the water used to put out the fire.
Via the Times Union: 

… the mailbox at 375 Garfield Road is now full, with a $1,400 bill from the Town of Poestenkill for the water used to combat the blaze that consumed his home on Monday. Petrio lives in the Town of Brunswick and firefighters traveled a mile down the rural road to fill their trucks at a Poestenkill hydrant. 

It took multiple fire companies nine hours to knock down the inferno, Eagle Mills volunteer fire department chief Tom Martin said. The home was set a quarter-mile off the road and flames ripped through the structure. The roof collapsed into the home and the windows blew out. Firefighters set up temporary ponds and zipped down the road to fill their tanker trucks at the best hydrant.

Unfortunately for Petrio, that hydrant happened to be in Poestenkill, which buys its water from Brunswick.

Local media personality,  Al Roney writes, “Talk about kicking a man when he’s down”.
Roney goes on to explain that there is in fact a reason for the billing, but that it really should not have applied in this case.

There’s a reason for the billing, one that in my opinion doesn’t hold any water at all. 

See Poestenkill buys its water from Brunswick and Troy, and Town Supervisor Dom Jacangelo seems to think it’s only fair they try to recoup the money “lost” in gallons of water to help the town’s tax-payers. 

Wrong target Mr. J!  Major misfire. 

Charging this guy for the water used is beyond ludicrous, especially since he has ZERO control over what hydrant, or what water source, is being is used.  Even if he did, it’s still nuts. 

So sorry your house was destroyed, here’s the bill for the water.

Just another heartwarming Christmas present brought to you by a bureaucratic lack of common sense.

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Feel Good Story: Firefighters Revive Korean War Vet at 9/11 Ceremony

September 22, 2012 at 11:00 am (9/11, Congress Park, Eugene Corsale, Firefighters, Hero, Heroes, Korean War, New York, Saratoga Springs, September 11th, Veteran)

A Korean War Veteran is crediting the swift actions of local firefighters in Saratoga Springs, NY with saving his life after he collapsed while serving as Master of Ceremonies at a 9/11 Remembrance Day event.

Eugene “Gene” Corsale remembers reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before collapsing at the podium in front of his grandson.  His heart had stopped.

“I was ready to introduce the police, and that was the end of it,” he said. “I woke up in the emergency room.”

Despite the experience, Corsale insists that he was lucky.

Via the Times Union:

Looking back, the 2008 New York State Veteran of the Year says his heart picked a fine time to stop ticking. Attending the 9/11 service to recall those lost in the terrorist attacks of 11 years ago were members of the Saratoga Springs Fire Department, who had brought a truck with medical equipment.

When Corsale collapsed, the firefighters broke ranks and sprang into action. When they reached Corsale with a heart monitor, they found he had no pulse, Chief Robert Williams said Friday. The firefighters administered manual cardiopulmonary resuscitation, electric shocks to Corsale’s chest with a heart defibrillator and medications, which restarted his heart, Williams said.

“We were able to get him to where he had a strong pulse and he was beginning to respond to his name,” said Williams, who was at the scene. “He had the right people and the right equipment close by,” Williams said.

At the scene and credited for quick thinking and transporting Corsale to the hospital were Capt. Robert Murphy, lieutenants John Stewart and Michael Woodcock, and firefighters Michael O’Reilly, Jason Yourdon, Brian Kissinger, Jack Longo, Nicholas Colucci, Jeffrey Alonzo, Jordan Daviero and Matthew Daviero.

Please read the rest, including a brief history of Corsale’s service to his country in the Navy, and his service to fellow veterans after the war.

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