Congressmen Respond to State of the Union Address

January 25, 2012 at 7:07 am (Bailouts, Chris Gibson, Darrell Issa, Economy, Ford, Foreign Policy, GM, Osama Bin laden, President Obama, SOTU, State of the Union)

That State of the Union last night was uninspiring, boring, and an utter mess.  We don’t need to fear voters being fooled by quasi-inspiring speeches during the next campaign, that is for sure.  The President has clearly lost the only skill he ever possessed – an ability to read off a teleprompter.

The President tried to lay out his economic vision by sandwiching the bulk of the speech between two stories that ‘spiked the football’ on Osama Bin Laden?  The speech meandered with no real path to follow.

What’s more is, he doubled down on just about every failed platform he has introduced in the last 3 years, giving the Republicans a plethora of material to work with leading into 2012.

He backed up the auto bailouts, including recognition for GM despite the cost of nearly $15 billion to American taxpayers.  He used Ford as an example, despite the company having never taken the bailout.  He doubled down on companies such as Solyndra, that went bankrupt despite a $535 million loan from the government.  He blamed his predecessor for the current economic state, but failed to recognize his role in the troop withdrawal from Iraq.  He touted more spending, more spending, more spending…

In short, the President is nothing more than a used car salesman, willing to dress up any lemon with a slew of lies and half-truths.

Congressman Darrell Issa had this to say about the State of the Union:

The President tonight outlined a laundry list of popular programs without regard to what they cost and his own record in office.

He has failed to deliver on economic growth promises, has squandered $800 billion in stimulus funds, and vetoed jobs and affordable domestic energy bills passed by Congress.  What is clear is that he is pursuing a partisan class-warfare agenda aimed at dividing the American people.  

The American people deserve an efficient, effective government that works for them.  I am ready to work with the President to cut the regulations and red tape that make it harder for workers and businesses to succeed, to confront the irresponsible overspending by this President and preceding Administrations, and to keep America competitive in a global economy.

And for our loyal New York readers, Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-20) struck a more complimentary tone, releasing the following statement this evening: 

“I firmly believe 2012 has the potential to be a year of growth and recovery for our country, if we make the right choices.  Specifically, I think there are five areas with which we can find common ground.  They include: comprehensive tax reform that creates a simpler and more fair tax code, regulatory relief, the expansion of domestic energy production, infrastructure investment, and bureaucratic consolidation and reform.  These are all areas which will directly help our country’s hardworking families, small business owners, and farmers, while ensuring our nation returns to a path of fiscal responsibility.  My constituents want Washington to achieve results and I’m confident that, working together in an era of divided government, we can do just that.  Additionally, as a former soldier, I appreciated the President’s recognition of the fine work our men and women of the military have conducted as well as the parallel he drew between their missions around the world and what we need to accomplish here at home.

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GM and the Chevy Volt, Flopping Together

January 5, 2012 at 11:07 am (Bailout, Chevy, General Motors, GM, Government Motors, Volt)

General Motors has been reckless time and again with taxpayer money, turning roughly $80 billion in bailout money into a potential $16 billion loss on the backs of the American people.

Then there is the official car of the Obama administration, the Chevy Volt, which has seen their production line shipped to China, and has garnered the Worst Flop of 2011 Award.

The first problem I see with these electric vehicles is in the naming.  Manufacturers need to start a line of more masculine vehicles.  I would no sooner purchase a Chevy Volt, or a Nissan Leaf, than I would a Honda Cottonball, or Ford Baby Powder.

The following statement is from Seton Motley, President of Less Government.  Check out the site, as they are, in my opinion, the leading authority on highlighting the hypocrisy and corruption coming out of Government Motors and the Obama administration today…

Via Less Government:

“From the moment the bailouts began – and General Motors became Government Motors – we have seen GM stack failure upon failure.

“There’s the unprofitable, unpopular, combustible electric Chevy Volt – a ‘Worst Product Flop of 2011’ winner. That costs We the Taxpayers $250,000 per unit sold. GM sold in 2011 25% fewer Volts than they had planned – but is in 2012 bizarrely increasing production by 500%. And despite all of this failure – including the inability to determine what is causing Volts to burst into flames – GM will next year begin producing an electric Cadillac and an electric Cruze.

“GM in 2010 received more clean (non-energy) energy patents than any other entity – of the Solyndra,Tesla, Fisker, uber-failure variety.

“And on, and on, and….

“And GM and its Obama Administration-Democrat backers ludicrously tell We the Shareholders that all of this failure is a ‘success.’

“Well, GM was last year the worst car stock of all – and the Chevy Volt was an award-winning flop. So the market ain’t buying it. And neither are We the People.”

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