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January 5, 2012 at 9:18 pm (2012 Election, Bill Maher, Dan Savage, Googlebomb, GOP, Rick Santorum)

Savage Hate

For those who do not know, Dan Savage is a vile slob who has created what some call a Google problem for Rick Santorum.  It is seemingly the only problem Google has been unable to solve for years (remember the White House Googlebombs and the ‘Islam is’ issues in the past).

Courtesy of the Marathon Pundit:

Dan Savage, a former Chicagoan who writes the “Savage Love” sex advice column for various free weeklies, thought it would be real funny–like a freshman caca wee-wee joke–to invent a disgusting connotation to Rick Santorum’s surname about a decade ago. He also purchased a web domain to prolong the snickering.

But the Rick Santorum campaign site is

As for Savage, a strident gay activisit, he pretended to be a supporter of Republican candidate Gary Bauer’s presidential campaign in 2000 and worked as a volunteer for him in Des Moines while suffering from the flu–with the explicit hope of giving the candidate his illness. While attending the Iowa Straw Poll the year before, Savage and his brother stole someone’s mail so they could claim residency and vote in the straw poll–neither men were Iowans. 

In addition to these ‘look at me’ acts, Savage has engaged in other hateful rhetoric.

After referring to Republicans as ‘grifters and scumbags’ on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Savage lifted the curtain on who he really is, discussing how he’d like to hate f*** Rick Santorum.

Just so we get, just so you don’t get charges of sexism, because only Michele Bachmann was involved, I sometimes think about f–king the s–t out of Rick Santorum.”

Savage wasn’t done there, as in the same airing he also stated that he wished that Republicans ‘were all f***ing dead!’

I urge you to share this post with as many people as possible, and get the word out on the real Rick Santorum website.


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