Video: Union Sympathizer Calls for Legislators to be Tarred and Feathered

January 12, 2012 at 11:20 am (Democrats, Indiana, Protestor, Republicans, Right to Work, Union)

Why is it when Union members don’t get there way, they resort to some sort of violence, thuggery, or general childish behavior?

Yesterday, the House Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee in Indiana, passed a contentious “Right to Work” bill 8-5.  Democrats expressed outrage that Republicans refused to allow any amendments to the bill.

Hoosier Access reports on the mayhem that ensued:

Before the gavel even fell on the hearing protestors erupted on the House Floor claiming everything under the sun you’d expect to hear from a union protestor. One even called for legislators (presumably only the Republican members who voted for the bill) to be “tarred and feathered”.

It should be noted that the Democrat temper tantrums are what caused them to be unable to submit amendments in the first place.

It should also be noted, that if Democrats had not walked out, they would have been able to submit amendments to the Joint House and Senate Committee hearing last Friday.

So apparently, this particular protestor is calling for the tarring and feathering of people for NOT preventing amendments to the bill?  The stupidity is mind-numbing…

Watch the video at the :45 second mark, then read more here…

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