Santorum States the Obvious – Fox News is Shilling For Romney

March 13, 2012 at 6:06 pm (2012 Election, Brian Kilmeade, Fox News, Kilmeade and Friends, Mitt Romney, Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum)

Also, this just in, water is wet…

Via the Daily Caller:

On Tuesday’s “Kilmeade & Friends” radio show on Fox News Radio, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, accused Fox News of being in the tank for his competitor, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.
Santorum made that claim as part of a larger point, that despite having a lot of things in his favor Romney has been unable to seal the deal.
“The man has had a 10-to-1 money advantage,” Santorum said. “He’s had all the organizational advantage. He’s had Fox News shilling for him every day, no offense Brian but I see it. And yet, he can’t close — he can’t seal the deal because he just doesn’t have the goods to be able to motivate the Republican base and win this election.”

Kilmeade took umbrage to the statement, but anyone who has been watching Fox lately can see they are clearly operating under the assumption that Mitt Romney is the inevitable candidate.

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