Weekend Recession: Video – Reporter Ambush’s Attorney, Walks Directly Into Pole

March 10, 2012 at 5:50 pm (CTV, Kent Molgat, Light, Pole, Reporter, Traffic, Weekend Recession)

‘Taint easy being a reporter some days…

Via Mediaite:

I’ve never much liked “ambush” interviews. You know the ones. There the clips where a reporter jumps out of the bushes and starts yelling questions at a Congressmen or insurance fraud guy or owner of a restaurant that failed health codes or something while the subject just covers his face and tries to walk away. Sure, they’re visually exciting but you’re rarely gonna get any actually illuminating answers. Which is why this video of a reporter attempting an interview like that walking right into a traffic light pole is so funny.
…also, people walking into stuff is just funny. Always.

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