Russian Paper: Obama’s Re-Election a Victory For Communists

November 25, 2012 at 6:32 pm (2012 Election, Civic, Communists, Illiteracy, Literacy, Literate, Pravda, President Obama, Russia, Vladimir Putin)

“I never thought I’d say this on American soil … but the Ruskie’s right.”

– Skipper, the Penguin in Madagascar 3
Just a random quote that has nothing to do with the editorial.  At all.
An article running in the Russian newspaper Pravda last week claims that communism has won in America with the re-election of President Obama.
Of course, the Pravda editorial also adds that Obama was elected by “an illiterate society”.  
While the case could be made for saying that people, when presented with the facts about this President and his administration, could never knowingly vote for such an agenda, calling them ‘illiterate’ here would immediately earn the label of racist.  So we’ll simply let the readers decide if they agree or disagree.
Via Pravda:

Putin in 2009 outlined his strategy for economic success. Alas, poor Obama did the opposite but nevertheless was re-elected. Bye, bye Miss American Pie. The Communists have won in America with Obama but failed miserably in Russia with Zyuganov who only received 17% of the vote. Vladimir Putin was re-elected as President keeping the NWO order out of Russia while America continues to repeat the Soviet mistake.

After Obama was elected in his first term as president the then Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin gave a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January of 2009. Ignored by the West as usual, Putin gave insightful and helpful advice to help the world economy and saying the world should avoid the Soviet mistake.

Recently, Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society and he is ready to continue his lies of less taxes while he raises them. He gives speeches of peace and love in the world while he promotes wars as he did in Egypt, Libya and Syria. He plans his next war is with Iran as he fires or demotes his generals who get in the way.

Human Events labeled that which carried Obama to victory, “civic illiteracy”:

Questions came from past institute surveys, as well as from nationally recognized exams, such as the U.S. government’s citizenship test and the National Assessment of Education Progress test. Respondents also were asked questions regarding their level of engagement in other activities that may or may not contribute to civic literacy.

The average score for all Americans who took this straightforward civic literacy test was 49 percent, or an “F,” proving the apple doesn’t fall far from the civically illiterate tree.

Which brings us to last week’s presidential election. Exit polls revealed that a stunning 42 percent of voters said Mr. Obama’s response to Superstorm Sandy was “important” when making their decisions about whom to vote for in the election.

That’s about what you’d expect from a civically illiterate electorate.

Maybe the Ruskie’s right in that regard as well…

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Florida High School Sign – "Laeping" To Literacy

February 29, 2012 at 8:20 am (Austin Simmons, Florida, Laep Year, Lakewood High, Leap Year, Literacy, Patricia Schley, Spelling, Tampa Bay)

That wasn’t a misspelling in the headline.  Well, it was, it just wasn’t ours…

Via the Tampa Bay Times:

Patricia Schley, the school’s literacy coach, was trying to promote a training session for parents. She wanted to show them how to help their teens become better readers. She had scheduled the evening event for more than a month before the FCATs.
Wednesday night — the extra day of the leap year — would be literacy night…
So on Friday afternoon, Austin Simmons stood in the parking lot, holding a stack of letters, squinting into the sun. It had been a long week. Simmons’ motorcycle had broken down. He had just gotten a call from the shop telling him that the part he needed would cost $1,200.
He lifted the letters to the sign, slid them into words: “Laeping to literacy night 6:30 p.m.”

Sunday morning, Schley was leaving church when she saw the sign. She blanched, embarrassed and upset. “I’m the literacy coach,” she said later. “Of course that reflects on me.”

She pulled over and texted the principal: “We don’t LAEP into literacy.”

Happy Laep Day everyone!

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