Rubio Breaks Down the Election: "Between a Guy That Has No Idea What He’s Doing, and a Guy That Does"

August 7, 2012 at 3:17 pm (2012 Election, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, No Idea What He's Doing, President Obama)

It honestly doesn’t get much simpler than this...

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MenRec Poll: Who Should Be Romney’s VP Choice?

July 23, 2012 at 11:00 am (Allen West, Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, Condoleeza Rice, Marco Rubio, Michelle Jenneke, Mitt Romney, Poll, Rob Portman, Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Vice President, VP)

<a href=””>Who Should Romney Pick as Vice-President?</a>

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Obama: Dictator Hugo Chavez has Not Had a "Serious National Security Impact"

July 11, 2012 at 9:29 am (Dictator, Foreign Policy, Hugo Chavez, Marco Rubio, National Security, President Obama, Venezuela)

In an interview that aired on a Spanish language station in Miami, President Obama made the incredibly naive statement that Hugo Chavez doesn’t pose a threat to the United States.

Oscar Haza, a well known Miami Spanish-language broadcast journalist and anchor, scored an interview this week in Washington with President Barack Obama in which Obama said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has not posed a “serious” national security threat to the United States…


Then, Haza asked about the alliance between Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and Iran.

“We’re always concerned about Iran engaging in destabilizing activity around the globe. But overall my sense is that what Mr. Chávez has done over the last several years has not had a serious national security impact on us,” Obama said. “We have to vigilant. My main concern when it comes to Venezuela is having the Venezuelan people have a voice in their affairs, and that you end up ultimately having fair and free elections, which we don’t always see.”

Today, Senator Marco Rubio explained why this is an ignorant statement… 

Here is Rubio’s full statement: “It’s now disturbingly clear that President Obama has been living under a rock when it comes to recognizing the national security threat posed by Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.

“Hugo Chavez is not only a threat to the Venezuelan people’s freedom and democratic aspirations, he has also supported Iran’s regime in its attempts to expand its intelligence network throughout the hemisphere, facilitated money laundering activities that finance state sponsors of terrorism and provided a safe haven for FARC narco-terrorists, among many other actions.

“Just yesterday, the Wall Street Journal detailed how Hugo Chavez circumvents U.S. and EU sanctions to help prop up the Assad regime in Syria. And even Obama’s own State Department belatedly but rightly expelled Chavez’s consul general in Miami for her ties to a plan to wage cyber-attacks on the U.S.

“President Obama continues to display an alarmingly naïve understanding of the challenges and opportunities we face in the Western Hemisphere.”

Why do the world’s most significant dictators get the “never mind the man behind the curtain” treatment from our government?

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Video: Marco Rubio – President Didn’t Talk About His Successes Because There Aren’t Any

January 25, 2012 at 11:01 am (Administraion, Economy, Failure, Marco Rubio, Obama, President, SOTU, State of the Union)

Yet another bit of awesome delivered by Senator Marco Rubio on Fox & Friends this morning…

Via Mediaite:

“What you didn’t hear last night from the President — he didn’t talk about the successes of this administration enough. Because there [aren’t] any. The fact of the matter is — you know, usually at this point in a Presidential career, you’re talking about some of your accomplishments and how your ideas and plans have worked. He touched on it briefly but he really didn’t delve into it, because after three years, he has very little he can point to and, in fact, all these factors we’re talking about are worse than they were three years ago.”

He also added, quite correctly, that the willingness of this President to engage in class warfare is astounding.

Steve Doocy brought up the President’s point last night of having to toy with taxes in the interest of fairness. Rubio said that the tax issue was an important one, because, “I have never seen a President pit Americans against each other like this one does.”

Read more here…

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