Mental Recession Makes the Right Wing News ‘Best Conservative Blogs For 2012’

December 5, 2012 at 10:04 pm (2012, Conservative Blogs, John Hawkins, Mental Recession, Right Wing News)

Well, we managed to squeeze our way into the Right Wing News 6th Annual edition of the Best Conservative Blogs For 2012.  Number 60.

Thanks to John Hawkins at Right Wing News for the honor, and hopefully we can climb our way up the ranks a bit as we head into our second year.

That said, all of the blogs that made the list deserve a round of applause.  They make for great reading on a near-daily basis, and they set about doing the work the “real” media never does – mainly, delivering the truth.

Here is the list:

60) The Mental Recession
59) Polipundit
58) Jihad Watch
57) This Ain’t Hell
56) Hugh Hewitt
55) Patterico’s Pontifications
54) Moe Lane
53) Counter Cultured
52) Wizbang!
51) Maggie’s Farm
50) Gay Patriot
49) Creative Minority Report
48) Conservatives4Palin
47) Five Feet of Fury
46) American Glob
45) Doubleplusundead
44) Fire Andrea Mitchell
43) The Jawa Report
42) Nice Deb
41) Protein Wisdom
40) The Foundry
39) QandO
38) American Power
37) Tim Blair
36) The People’s Cube
35) I Own The World
34) the Hyacinth Girl
33) The Mellow Jihadi
32) YidwithLid
31) Power Line
30) The Other McCain
29) The Lonely Conservative
28) Pat Dollard
27) Jammie Wearing Fool
26) Riehl World View
25) Bookworm Room
24) Dr. Helen
23) Weasel Zippers
22) Andrew Malcolm
21) The Right Scoop
20) Althouse
19) Vox Popoli
18) Atlas Shrugs
17) IMAO
16) Rachel Lucas
15) Legal Insurrection
14) Moonbattery
13) The Corner
12) Michelle Malkin
11) Liberal Logic 101
10) Redstate
9) Naked DC
8) The Campaign Spot
7) Newsbusters
6) Twitchy
5) Ace Of Spades HQ
4) Breitbart
3) Gateway Pundit
2) Instapundit
1) Hot Air
PS #1: This was a really difficult list to judge and there are some very good blogs that I read every week that didn’t make the list.

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Mental Recession Hits 200,000 Page Views

August 1, 2012 at 9:13 pm (Conservative,, Mental Recession, Pageviews, Politics)

Just wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to stop in and read the news here at the Mental Recession. We’d love to hear more comments and/or suggestions on how to make the site better.

Next stop, 1,000,000!  We hope you’ll be there with us… 

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Celebrating Our 6-Month Blogiversary – The Top 6 Posts In Mental Recession History

June 26, 2012 at 5:42 pm (Ballot Fraud, Blog, Blogiversary, Conservatives, Mental Recession, New York, Robert Bales, Stimulus, Top 6)

We are but infants in the blogging game.  But we’re celebrating anyway!

Six months ago, we started this blog with one very loud opinionated blogger and three followers. Today, we still have that loud opinionated blogger, but we’ve expanded to about four followers (Thank you Mom!) … (Dad, seriously, could you at least consider following?).

But that isn’t about to dampen our spirits here at the Mental Recession, as we celebrate our 6-month Blogiversary.  Thus far, we’ve posted exactly 501 times during that span, and experienced over 162,000 page views in all, an average of over 27,000 per month.

Most importantly, we’ve had a lot of fun doing this.  And we hope you have too.  Please consider hitting the ‘Donate’ button on the right side of the page, and help support this site – we badly needs some upgrades to keep expanding.


And without further ado, here are the Top 6 Posts in Mental Recession History…

6)  Company That Received $1.96 Billion in Stimulus, Gets $1.3 Million Grant For Employees Laid Off Because of Stimulus

5)  Yes, Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder

4)  Will the Department of Justice Investigate Attacks on Conservative Bloggers?

3)  Eighth Democrat Indicted in Upstate New York Ballot Fraud Investigation

2)  More Narrative Fail: Autopsy Reveals Trayvon Martin Had Bloody Knuckles When He Died

1)  Why is the U.S. Charging Robert Bales With the Murder of an Unborn Child, But Didn’t Charge Nidal Hasan?

Bonus – Top 6 Referring Sites…

6)  Patterico’s Pontifications

5)  RedState

4)  BadBlue

3)  Doug Ross @ Journal

2)  Instapundit

1)  Linkiest

And special thanks to the following people for either helping to promote some of the work done here at The Mental Recession, or for providing advice and inspiration in continuing on this path…

Tabitha Hale, Michelle Malkin, Doug Ross, John Ruberry, Anita MonCrief, Maggie ThurberWarner Todd Huston, All-American Blogger, Brian Garst, Tucker Carlson, John Brodigan, Caleb Howe, Bill O’Connell, Alexa, Smitty and the Other McCainMelissa Clouthier, Nice Deb, Fausta, Sarah Rumpf, Noel Sheppard, Ali AkbarMatt Sheffield, Ken Shepherd, Jon Henke, Accuracy in Media, Breitbart, NewsBusters, the Daily Caller, and many, many more…

Thanks, and we hope to see you here in another six months!

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Forbes Gets It Right: ‘Jobs Report Stinks’

May 4, 2012 at 10:36 am (Economy, Failure, Jobs, Labor, Labor Force, Mental Recession, President Obama, Unemployment, War on Jobs)

The headline on Forbes says it all:

Jobs Report Stinks But Stocks Don’t Collapse

Well, thank God for small favors.  What about this jobs report ‘stinks’ exactly?

The April U.S. nonfarm payrolls report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on its face looks like a big disappointment with 115,000 jobs created last month, versus economists’ consensus forecast for 160,000.

There is no way to spin it – the economic recovery does not exist.

But the unemployment rate went down again this month you say.  Surely this is a sign of good economic times ahead you say.

Here’s the reality.  It’s something we’ve covered here before.  The unemployment rate is dropping not due to job growth or creation – it’s due to the high rate of people dropping out of the labor force altogether.  A lesser pool of workers to draw from helps to lower the unemployment rate.  This is the equivalent of raising Albert Pujols batting average by simply lowering the number of hitless at-bats.

The same Forbes report explains:

A separate report released on Friday showed the unemployment rate falling to 8.1% from 8.2%. This number has very little value as a barometer of economic growth, since it falls as jobless people drop out of the labor force. In fact, the percentage of the population in the labor force at 63.6% in April is at its lowest since 1981, and the U.S. economy has nearly 5 million fewer jobs than it did in 2007 before the recession.

More from Zero Hedge:

It is just getting sad now. In April the number of people not in the labor force rose by a whopping 522,000 from 87,897,000 to 88,419,000. Thisis the highest on record. The flip side, and the reason why the unemployment dropped to 8.1% is that the labor force participation rate just dipped to a new 30 year low of 64.3%.

So next time you here an Obama supporter touting the lower unemployment numbers, gently remind them that it is actually because of his overwhelming failure on the economy that this is happening.  His ‘hope and change’ policies have created so much despair that people are giving up.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to remind them that the unemployment rate is still higher than when he took office, and it is still higher than what he promised it would go if we didn’t pass his stimulus package.

And tell them you heard it here because you were fighting the liberal Mental Recession!

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A Note About Advertising on the Mental Recession

March 15, 2012 at 4:18 pm (Advertising, Blogads, Mental Recession)

Some advertisers have asked about buying space on my blog to reach the fantastic readers of The Mental Recession.  
So I’ve signed up for Blogads, which allows advertisers to order advertising here with just three clicks.  You can support this site by clicking over to my blog advertising form (the little box to the right, just below the latest poll), and forwarding it to friends and colleagues who want to reach readers like you.
Or if you’re interested in making money blogging:, you should talk to the folks at Blogads.
Thank you everyone, for your time and consideration!

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