Breaking: Kansas City Chief’s Player Kills Girlfriend, Commits Suicide at Team Facility

December 1, 2012 at 12:38 pm (Arrowhead Stadium, Football, Kansas City Chiefs, Missouri, NFL)

They haven’t released any names yet, but a player for the Kansas City Chief’s has reportedly shot and killed his girlfriend.  He then drove to Arrowhead Stadium where he shot and killed himself at about 8 am this morning.

Via KCTV News:

Police are investigating two deadly shootings Saturday morning that they said are related.

The shootings involve a Chiefs player and his girlfriend.

The first shooting was reported about 8 a.m. at a home near East 54th Terrace and Crysler Avenue. The second shooting was reported a short time later at a Chiefs practice facility located on the Arrowhead facility.

Officials said the Chiefs player shot and killed his girlfriend and then drove to the practice facility where he shot and killed himself.

It’s unknown if people were at Arrowhead or any of its surrounding facilities at the time. The Chiefs confirmed the shooting in a written statement saying, “We can confirm that there was an incident at Arrowhead earlier this morning. We are cooperating with authorities in their investigation.”

This is stunning…


UPDATE:  Reports indicate the player is 25 years of age.  A quick scan of the roster shows these players matching that age description:

Javier Arenas
Jovan Belcher
Jalil Brown
Jamaal Charles
Tony Moeaki
Jamar Newsome
Jerrell Powe
Ricky Stanzi
Alex Tanney

UPDATE:  The Viking Age is reporting that the player was indeed one of those on the above list – Jovan Belcher.

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Claire McCaskill: The Recession Isn’t All Bad Because It Means Less Emissions … Or Something

October 16, 2012 at 3:25 pm (Cap and Trade, Claire McCaskill, Emissions, Missouri, Recession, Senate, Todd Akin)

Face, meet palm.

According to the very warped mind of a cap and trade zealot like Claire McCaskill (h/t Gateway Pundit), less jobs = less manufacturing = less emissions … and that’s a good thing!

What is that saying … you can’t fix stupid?

Transcript of her statement:

“Well, the good news is our emissions are way down because of the recession. [Laughter] We are…I mean you know really if you want to find a silver lining in the cloud, the number that we were looking for we are well, well above where the emissions would have been assuming for purposes of discussion that cap and trade was passed a few years ago because we have had such a real drop in manufacturing output. Now I didn’t mean really good news, I meant that it was… [Laughter] I was being sarcastic again in the context, but emissions are way down because of unfortunately the lack of economic activity that we have had in the last couple of years.”

The Todd Akin campaign team responded:

“It is never good news when twenty-three million Americas are looking for work,” said Rick Tyler, senior advisor to the Akin campaign. “This is the real Claire McCaskill–one who puts the liberal agenda ahead of the jobs and prosperity of millions of Americans. McCaskill’s own businesses are getting millions in taxpayer dollars while one in six Missourians is living under the poverty line. Missouri cannot afford another six years with liberal Claire McCaskill making herself rich while celebrating the fact that others are out of work.”

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Think CNN Will Get Around to Covering That Dem Lawmaker Who Had Sex With a 17-Year-Old Boy at a Rest Stop?

August 23, 2012 at 9:30 pm (CNN, Kerry Gauthier, Legitimate Rape, Minnesota, Missouri, Sex Scandal, Todd Akin)

Minnesota Democratic State Rep. Kerry Gauthier has had a rough go of it lately. Embroiled in a sex scandal that has attracted the attention of national media outlets, Gauthier has gone from waging a promising reelection bid for his seat, to being caught engaged in oral sex acts at a rest stop with a teenage boy, to pulling out of the race and facing possible expulsion from the Minnesota legislature.

Gauthier does have one place in which he can reliably look for cover on this story however – CNN.

ABC has the latest:

Disgraced Minnesota Democratic State Rep. Kerry Gauthier decided late Wednesday night that he will not seek reelection after he was caught having sexual contact with a 17-year-old. But that hasn’t appeased some at the Minnesota State House — they want to expel Gauthier from the legislature now.

The move to expel Gauthier, so that he cannot serve out the rest of his term, will be started tomorrow, sources tell ABC News.

Last week it was revealed that Rep. Gauthier had engaged in oral sex with a 17-year-old boy at a rest stop in Duluth in July.  He has since apologized for the incident, but the political outcry in Minnesota has been swift and strong, some accusing him of being a “child-molester.”

Seems newsworthy, but not so for the so-called worldwide leader in news.

To be fair, CNN has been incredibly busy covering the controversial remarks of Rep. Todd Akin – to the tune of 117 entries on the website as of this post.

Execute the same kind of search for Kerry Gauthier on the site, and you’ll find a lone hit from 2007 that has absolutely nothing to do with the Minnesota lawmaker.

The question has to be asked – What is the more newsworthy event here, the asinine comments of Akin speaking about “legitimate rape”, or the fact that a lawmaker engaged in a sex act with a boy nearly four decades his junior; an act that would have been considered legitimate statutory rape in about 12 other states?

We’re guessing CNN’s defense would be that Gauthier is not a national politician, in contrast to Akin.  And yet every other major network has covered the story in some manner, including Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, the Huffington Post, etc.

So why has CNN avoided the scandal and instead had a laser-like focus on the Akin story?  Is it nothing more than the placement of a ‘D’ in front of Gauthier’s name that has the network burying the story?

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Breaking: Santorum Scores Big With Three State Sweep

February 8, 2012 at 2:12 am (Barack Obama, Colorado, Conservative, GOP, Minnesota, Missouri, Mitt Romney, President, Presidential Campaign, Republican, Rick Santorum)

Rick Santorum has slowed the Mitt Romney streak in GOP primaries with a surge of his own tonight, scoring victories in both Minnesota and Missouri.  He also leads in Colorado, but the contest is currently too close to call.

Is this a game-changer, or simply a bump in the road for Romney?


Fox News is reporting that Rick Santorum has also won in Colorado.  From their breaking news ticker:

“Colorado Republican Party Says Rick Santorum Wins Colorado Caucuses”

From MSNBC (updated):

Rick Santorum scored victories in the Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado nominating contests Tuesday night, winning him no actual delegates, but nonetheless blocking Mitt Romney’s bid to keep alive a streak of victories in the Republican presidential primary.

NBC News declared Santorum the projected winner of the Missouri primary, the Minnesota caucus, and the Colorado caucus. NBC will not be allocating any delegates from Missouri, Minnesota, or Colorado to Santorum in its projected count.

Romney finished third in Minnesota, a state where he won its 2008 caucuses, and where a key campaign surrogate, Tim Pawlenty, served two terms as governor.

CNN adds:

Rick Santorum won the Missouri primary and Minnesota caucuses Tuesday in results that reshaped the Republican presidential race by raising questions about frontrunner Mitt Romney’s ability to attract broad conservative support.

The former Pennsylvania senator was also leading in the Colorado caucuses, and would score a major upset over the front-running Romney if the trend held.


The victory in a state Romney won in his unsuccessful 2008 presidential bid was a strong statement by Santorum that he represents a major conservative challenge to the former Massachusetts governor and Gingrich, the former House speaker.

And from Fox News:

Romney is still ahead in the delegate count, despite Santorum’s big night. But Santorum’s victories disrupt the narrative that the GOP presidential contest had become a two-person race between Gingrich and Romney.

In his victory speech, Santorum said “Conservatism is alive and well in Missouri and Minnesota.”

Question is, is it alive and well in the rest of the country?

“I don’t stand here and claim to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney,” Santorum declared. “I stand here to be the conservative alternative to Barack Obama.”

Michelle Malkin makes two great points:

If Santorum sweeps these critical battleground states tonight, he will have won more states than “frontrunner” Mitt Romney (he has snagged three states).
Nothing is inevitable in politics.
Also noteworthy: Santorum is doing this with just a fraction of Mitt Romney’s money.
Money can take you far, but just like Mitt Romney learned in 2008 and is learning again, it can’t seal the deal

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