Gillibrand Still Supporting Assemblywoman Under Multiple Investigations

September 5, 2012 at 7:00 am (Bronx, Facebook, FBI, JCOPE, Kirsten Gillibrand, Naomi Rivera, New York, NY-20, Wendy Long)

Earlier in the campaign season, Naomi Rivera mailed out an endorsement from Kirsten Gillibrand which read in part…

“Naomi is working 24-7.  You see her in the neighborhood talking to seniors, to moms in schools, to families struggling to build a better future.” 

Nowadays however, you’re more likely to see Naomi Rivera showing off her “lacy red bra” on Facebook, or  working 24-7 to fight off four separate investigations by the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, the state Attorney General, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE), or even the FBI.

Rivera is embroiled in a scandal – or scandals – in which she is alleged to have inappropriately employed one boyfriend, while another boyfriend working for a non-profit that she helped fund used the charities money for their romantic dinners and campaign expenses.

Associating with somebody being probed for multiple allegations of impropriety and ethics violations may not be a wise campaign move for Ms. Gillibrand – yet here she is.

Gillibrand however, is not backing down – reiterating support for Rivera to Capitol New York just yesterday.

“A campaign spokesperson for Gillibrand told me today that the senator still supports Rivera…”

Gillibrand should be denouncing such corruption in New York politics, but she remains firmly in her stance backing Rivera.

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Assembly Candidate Goes With ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parody Video

September 4, 2012 at 12:05 pm (Adam Bermudez, Bronx, Call Me Maybe, Fonzie, Mark Gjonaj, Naomi Rivera, New York)

Yikes.  Arthur Fonzarelli thinks that parodies of Call Me Maybe have jumped the shark.

Adam Bermudez is a one-time reporter turned Democrat operative who is running to oust troubled Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera.  You may remember Rivera from our earlier coverage of her secret Facebook page with steamy entries regarding a government boy toy whom she hired.

While Rivera certainly has her issues, Bermudez isn’t considered a serious challenger for her seat.  But that didn’t stop Bermudez from going all out to earn the coveted teenage girl vote, releasing a video of himself singing a parody of the hit song, Call Me Maybe.

As Politicker writes:

As voters head to the polls on September 13th, only a few days away, even if Mr. Bermudez’s video were to go viral, the race is still likely to be a two candidate affair between Ms. Rivera and businessman Mark Gjonaj, a heavy fundraiser who is investing his campaign war chest into extensive GOTV and advertising efforts. Also in the race is Irene Estrada-Rukaj.

“All the other candidates, they think I’m crazy,” Mr. Bermudez astutely observers at one point in the song. “Vote for me maybe.”

So here is the video which is sure to light up hearts across the nation and demonstrate once again why there is never a dull moment in New York politics.

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Bronx Assemblywoman’s Secret Facebook Page Reveals "Sultry" Relationship With Staffer She Hired

August 13, 2012 at 7:00 am (Al Sharpton, Assemblywoman, Boy Toy, Bronx, Daniela Rivera, Gal Pals, Jose Rivera, Naomi Rivera, New York, Tommy Torres)

Naomi Rivera is a Bronx Assemblywoman with an apparent love of a man she placed on her staff, and an even greater love of broadcasting her relationships on social media.  The New York Post has reported that Rivera has a ‘secret’ Facebook page under the name Daniela Rivera.

While the Post delves into a bit of tabloid reporting on Rivera’s gal pals, and her “lacy red bra”, it does raise a much bigger issue of potential corruption – Her relationship with Tommy Torres whom she placed on the government payroll.

But more than anything, the lawmaker’s Internet alter-ego is devoted to Tommy Torres, a fellow Democrat eight years her junior whom she has been dating for at least two years — and whom she put on her government payroll.

Dozens of photos on Daniela’s page show Rivera with her hunky “babe” in various poses — locking lips, nuzzling his cheek and dirty dancing.

The legislator began posting romantic photos of Torres in 2009, when she created the page under “Daniela,” her middle name, and a year before she hired him or finalized her divorce from husband Antonio Rodriguez.

Torres pulled down $18,123 in taxpayer-funded salary while working out of Rivera’s Morris Park district office for four months in 2010, records show.

But exactly what he did for his $1,100-a-week rate remains unclear — as does the question of how it was even possible for him to work for Rivera when he was already working full time as a gym teacher and high-school sports coach.

According to state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s office and Assembly records, Torres was listed as a “full-time” community-relations director for Rivera from Aug. 30, 2010, until Jan. 1, 2011.

At the same time, city Department of Education records indicate, he worked full time at Brooklyn’s PS 157 and made extra money coaching after class. In 2010, he earned a total of $89,550 from the DOE, records show.

Rivera eventually responds to reporter inquiries by asking them to respect her privacy.

First off, if you’re a public figure who has hired a staffer that collects taxpayer funds as a second job, and you are also romantically involved with said staffer, then the public has a right to know about your boy toy’s job, what he did if anything, and how much he was paid.

Second, if you want people to respect your privacy, then don’t post pictures of yourself in scantily clad embraces with staff members on Facebook.  Isn’t that common knowledge?

Rivera is the daughter of Jose Rivera, a man the Other McCain calls “a corrupt Bronx Democrat machine politician”.  Rivera was arrested in 2001 for trespassing, along with two other New York politicians and Al Sharpton.

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