Occupy Albany Insists Movement Isn’t Dead, Proves It By Holding 5-Person Yoga Class in a McDonald’s

October 24, 2012 at 10:39 am (Albany, Daniel Morrisey, Eddie Alkubari, Empire Plaza, McDonald's, New York, Occupy Albany, Occupy Wall Street, Yoga Class)

This past Sunday, remnants of what is left of the Occupy Albany movement celebrated their one-month Anniversary by tying up traffic and insisting that they were “taking it to the man”.  Who that man is, is anybody’s guess.

A report from WNYT-Albany showed protesters insisting that despite a meager number of participants in the historic one-year march, the movement was far from dead.

“As the capacity of an organizer, it never left. It’s not dead. It’s alive and well. It’s just that most of the organizers like myself, had school to do,” said Eddie Alkubari.

It’s not dead.  It’s alive and well.

As if to demonstrate their strength in numbers, the Occupy Albany group organized a massive demonstration which the Times Union said took up at least “a couple of square yards”.

That demonstration?

A lunch-time Yoga class at the Empire Plaza McDonald’s … with 5 people.  I’m quite confident that whoever  ‘the man’ is, he is definitely running scared now.

One leader explains the deep existential reasoning for hosting a Yoga class outside a fast-food joint.

“We’re juxtaposing these diametrically opposed cultures of fast food and Yoga,” demonstration leader Daniel Morrissey said as he prepared to lead a handful of participants through some poses, breathing exercises and chants (actually they changed “There’s no place like hooooome” rather than a simple ooohhhhmmmm.

Wow, man.  That’s really deep and far out little bro.

Watch as the Yoga demonstration starts with four people and an instructor, but expands by a massive 20% when another participant arrives.

Even some of Occupy Albany’s fans questioned the reasoning for such a demonstration upon it’s announcement on the group’s Facebook page.  The announcement implores people to help participants ‘slow the roll of the state employee lunch crowd’.  Because interrupting the break of people who actually work for a living, by holding a Yoga class with people who clearly have no day job, is truly sending a message.
Fans of the group seemed to agree.  A sampling of responses…

“Because people are often receptive to the message of people who are slowing them down while they are hungry on their limited lunch break?”

“I’m all for civil disobedience and disrupting the flow, but at the expense of people on their only true break of their work day? I don’t know how that message will be swallowed.”

Hey Occupy Albany, don’t go away mad … just go away.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get me a diametrically opposed burger and fries.

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NY State Police Paid Nearly $100,000 in Overtime to Babysit Occupy Albany

June 26, 2012 at 7:53 am (Academy Park, Albany, Bradley Russell, David Soares, Lafayette Park, Law Enforcement, New York, New York State Police, Occupy Albany, Police, St. Rose)

The Albany Times Union calculated that the New York State Police were forced to spend nearly $100,000 on overtime pay for troopers, to essentially run a baby sitting service for Occupy Albany protesters.  The report came about through a FOIA request and an estimation of the average cost of an hour of overtime in the department.

Superintendent Joseph D’Amico explains that he was unwilling to compromise the safety of other areas by pulling officers over to the state-controlled Lafayette Park, where protesters were intentionally seeking arrest by remaining past curfew.

Amusingly, one of the movement’s more prominent protesters, Bradley Russell, a local professor at the college of St. Rose and the State University of New York, feigned disbelief and predictably placed the blame on the police:

“Holy cow,” said Bradley Russell, 40, an anthropology professor who led protesters to tempt arrest in Lafayette Park. “As the vast majority of any arrests that came from any of our actions inside or outside the Capitol were dismissed, the entire police effort amounted to the governor trying to stifle our First Amendment rights, and that was clearly a massive waste of taxpayer dollars.”

The charges were dismissed for no other reason than David Soares, Albany County District Attorney, acted purely in the interest of politics as opposed to upholding the law, stating that he would not prosecute the protesters.

Albany County Republican Chairman Don Clarey explains that Soares is the crux of the problem:

“Soares is the root of the problem, because he refused to enforce the law he swore to uphold.  It was catch and release, so the State Police had to protect state property at the behest of the governor. The state should make David Soares pay the overtime.”

The Occupy Albany movement simply went out of their way to get arrested, violating curfew on state property and knowing full-well that the DA would not prosecute them for trespassing and disorderly conduct- as he should have.

Even the Times Union acknowledged that the protesters “could have held drum circles to their hearts’ content in Academy Park” where they were undisturbed for over two months, but instead went to Lafayette Park, “daring the police to arrest them”.

Bottom line, the police did what they had to do to babysit a group of petulant media whores, while DA David Soares enabled the troublemakers by refusing to do his job.

Thus far, the DA’s office has no comment.

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If At First You Don’t Succeed, Occupy Again

June 4, 2012 at 7:00 am (Dean Skelos, Governor Cuomo, Minimum Wage, New York, Occupy Albany, Party, PCU)

Early last week we reported on the massive protest undertaken by the Occupy Albany movement, regarding a hike in the minimum wage rate.  The occupiers were so upset with Governor Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, that they marched right down to the Capitol, and staged a protest of their empty offices.  The locked doors also created quite a difficulty for the intellectually challenged group; they couldn’t seem to find their way around the building.  As a result, even the normally friendly local media took to mocking the group.

Not one to take kindly to a lack of positive press, the Occupy attention whores returned to the Capitol, specifically to stage a sit-in at Skelos’ office.  And every one that managed to get into his office – six if you’re keeping score at home – were arrested.

Via CBS 6:

Six Occupy Albany demonstrators were charged with misdemeanor trespassing in New York’s Capitol on Thursday in a demonstration aimed at raising the minimum wage.

The protesters were arrested and handcuffed by state troopers after they staged a sit-in in the office of Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos. State police say they were arrested after they refused to leave the office.

As per usual, the protesters sole accomplishment was a series of chants which showed off their epic rhyming skills  – because basic chanting at a 3rd grade level is oh so impressive.

Fortunately, we here at the Mental Recession have located exclusive footage of the Occupy Albany protest, seen below.

Whoa… Not sure how that slipped in there. Remind me to fire the video production manager later.

Anyway, here’s the actual clip of the Occupy Albany minimum wage protest, which pretty much amounts to the same thing – a group of losers pretending their message trumps all.

Best part of this clip?  The group of them chanting, “the whole world is watching”.

No … no they’re not.  I had a good 10-12 people at a cookout last weekend, and more people were watching the grill than were watching you Occupy Albany.

If you spent half as much time looking for a job as you do protesting during other people’s work hours, then perhaps your job performance could dictate a raise in wages.

Let me break it down into basic syllables that even you can understand.

It’s hard to hold on to a job – when you keep acting like a knob!
It’s hard to hold on to a job – when you keep acting like a knob!
Your movement IS stoppable, shampoo and soap is possible!
Your movement IS stoppable, shampoo and soap is possible!

See how easy that chanting business is?

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Occupy Albany So Angry Over Minimum Wage, They Went Out and Protested … Nobody

May 29, 2012 at 4:22 pm (Albany, Capitol, Dean Skelos, Doug Bullock, Governor Cuomo, Minimum Wage, New York, Occupy Albany)

Leaders of the Occupy Albany movement need to get slightly more organized if they plan on having protests that will have an impact on government.  Today, about 40 protesters gathered ’round the Capitol calling for an increase in the minimum wage – an issue that Governor Cuomo has declared dead this year.  

Two of the main targets of the protest were Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos, and the Governor himself. The protesters though, apparently didn’t scout their targets very well prior to planning their demonstration.
Via the Troy Record (emphasis mine):

About 40 protesters wound throughout the building Tuesday, chanting and refusing to accept that the measure is politically dead.

They targeted Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos (SKEH’-lohs) and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, saying their refusal to push the Assembly bill is “shameful.”

Neither Cuomo nor Skelos was in Albany.

Fail.  To stage a truly impactful protest, wouldn’t it behoove the occupiers to actually make sure their targets are present in the building?

And it’s not just me that’s mocking the effort – the normally friendly Times Union had this to say about today’s event:

A gathering of roughly three dozen activists from Occupy Albany and Citizen Action, among others, wended their way through a very quiet Capitol on Tuesday morning — a tactic that’s either dopey (there’s no one here to get the message) or canny (the Capitol press corps is hungry for content), depending on how you look at it — to press for a minimum wage increase.

I’ll take ‘Things That Are Dopey’ for $800, Alex.

The Union continued their mocking:

The activists then descended to the third floor, and found the western set of doors leading to the Senate Republicans’ conference room locked (they’re almost always open, and remained that way last June despite a heavy turnout of same-sex marriage protesters of every sort). One speaker said that if Skelos continued to block the increase, he and any other opponents would face a series of very public actions designed to shame them.

The protesters concluded that the locked doors indicated that they “must be doing something right.” Then they checked out the eastern set of doors to the GOP zone, where state troopers offered no protest to their entrance. (Left unasked: Whether this access was a sign the protesters were doing something wrong.)

Occupy Albany posted this image on their Facebook page earlier today:

The man seen on the lower left is Doug Bullock, a Democrat member of the Albany County Legislature.  Wouldn’t a sitting member of the Legislature have more um, ‘legislative’ ways of dealing with minimum wage laws and proposals?  Is he there representing the 8th Legislative District, or is he there representing a ragtag group of ill-informed protesters?

One other question – What are these people doing here at the Capitol, in the middle of a work day?  If they’re protesting for a higher minimum wage does that not assume they actually have jobs that they should be present for?

Perhaps they’re just recruiting more occupants…

This report from MSNBC shows why a hike in the minimum wage “will cut employment, reduce access to the entry-level positions that lead to better jobs, increase poverty and motivate teenagers to leave school.”

More people out of work = more time to Occupy!  Hell’s yea, mic check baby!

Occupy Albany – Let it go.  You’ve even become embarrassing to the local media which continue to cover your silly little rallies.

You’ve outlived your usefulness, if you ever had one.

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Albany Common Council Member in Attendance at Weather Underground/Occupy Event

April 19, 2012 at 7:14 am (Albany, Barbara Smith, Common Council, David Gilbert, Feminism, Naomi Jaffe, New York, Occupy Albany, Rush Limbaugh, SDS, Weather Underground)

Earlier this month, I wrote an extensive report about the attendees at a meeting titled, The Weather Underground Meets Occupy Wall Street.  Apparently the report was not as extensive as I had hoped.  While it focused on the Weather Underground members in attendance – the list reading like a veritable who’s-who of former domestic terrorists (bomb makers, convicted cop-killers) – I had overlooked another individual who actively participated in the forum – Barbara Smith.

Smith was elected to the Albany Common Counil in 2005, serving the 4th Ward.  She was re-elected in 2009 and continues to serve on the council.  Aside from serving on the council, Smith is an author of several works on feminism, and has been described as a community organizer.

Interestingly enough, Naomi Jaffe introduced the panel at the onset of the meeting, but never once referred to Smith’s current standing on the Albany Common Council.
Recently, the Times Union featured Smith after she had been selected as a profile subject in a newly formed national Women of Distinction organization.  The selection placed her in distinguished company indeed, mentioned alongside such names as Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Oprah Winfrey.  The honor includes an effort sponsored by AOL, a multi-platform PBS project that will tell the compelling story of women’s advancement in America over the past 50 years.
Will that ‘compelling story’ include an exploration of why the Councilwoman was sitting alongside some of the most notorious domestic terrorists in our country’s history?  Will questions be asked about what she was thinking when she attended a meeting with those terrorists to “discuss common struggles between the Weather Underground and Occupy Wall Street”?  Unlikely.
Is the company Ms. Smith is keeping really that bad?

·         In attendance or serving on the panel were five major players in the domestic terrorism group – Naomi Jaffe, Jeff Jones, Eleanor Stein, Suzanne Ross, and Kathy Boudin.
 ·         All of the above named have been involved in the more radical elements of the group, including assaults on police officers, bomb plots, and murders.
 ·         All had been involved with the notorious Bill Ayers, some of which lived in a San Francisco ‘bomb factory’ that several entities have claimed was used in the San Francisco police station bombing that killed Officer Brian McDonnell. 

Smith herself was reading excerpts from a book written by David Gilbert, a radical American leftist organizer and activist serving time in the Auburn Correctional Facility. Gilbert remains imprisoned for his role in the Brinks Robbery of 1981, a botched effort that led to the murder of three people, including a security guard and two police officers.
In the midst of her chosen excerpt, Smith played the crowd, making a joke about Rush Limbaugh and a statement about ‘liberating’ a female speaker ‘with my cock’.
When referencing a report being presented at an SDS workshop, Smith read:
“… when Marilyn Buck took the stage to do so, all hell broke loose.  Men hooted and whistled from the floor, threw paper planes at Marilyn, and shouted such gems as quote, “I’ll liberate you with my cock,” end quote.”
At which point Smith added, “Rush Limbaugh was not there, so…”, a statement which received hearty laughter from the crowd.
Smith serves on the Albany Common Council and is considered a distinguished woman.  But in this instance, she is shown attending a meeting with the Weather Underground and Occupy Albany, while making sexual assault jokes involving Rush Limbaugh.
Is this the mark of a distinguished woman?
Is this behavior appropriate for a member of the Common Council?

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Why Did Domestic Terrorists Meet With Occupy Albany?

April 3, 2012 at 4:39 pm (Bill Ayers, Brinks Robbery, Naomi Jaffe, New York, Occupy Albany, Occupy Wall Street, San Francisco, Sanctuary For Independent Media, Troy, Weather Underground)

The statement above could certainly be opened up to debate, but a recent gathering titled, The Weather Underground Meets Occupy Wall Street, along with a detailed report of the meeting, should certainly raise eyebrows.  The meeting, held right in the heart of Troy, New York, was being billed as a book event to celebrate U.S. “political prisoner” David Gilbert’s new memoir, Love and Struggle.

But, as revealed in a newly released video, the forum featured characters that were anything but mundane, the list reading like a veritable who’s-who of former Weather Underground activists.  Not simply low-level members, but some of the more notorious radicals in the movement, men and women with ties to the infamous Bill Ayers, individuals with ties to bombing schemes on military servicemen, and of course, convicted cop-killers.
In the video, one of the hosts of the event, Naomi Jaffe, is seen praising Kathy Boudin, a close Ayers associate, who was involved in a bomb plot gone wrong in which three Weather Underground members were killed when an explosive device they had designed to kill military personnel, prematurely detonated.  She was also convicted of felony robbery and murder for her role in the Brinks Robbery of 1981, a plot which resulted in the murder of a security guard and two police officers.
Jaffe continues to speak of the Weather Underground’s past, sharing knowledge of the group’s “resistance to an unjust system,” likening it to the “same injustices that we are seeing the Occupy movement reacting to resisting today.”  She jokes about the murderous Brinks event as being one of several necessary “expropriations”, necessary because “revolutionary work is not funded by government”.  Her radical past infused with today’s radical movement could prove quite dangerous.  Jaffe is very active in the Occupy Albany protests, and routinely downplays violence in the name of stopping oppression, and repeatedly downplays her own violent past.
The report can be read here: 
Highlights include:
·        The meeting was designed to discuss common struggles between the Weather Underground and Occupy Wall Street, and in particular, the shared vision between David Gilbert, another member serving jail time for his role in the Brinks murders, and the Occupy Wall Street movement. 
·         In attendance or serving on the panel were five major players in the domestic terrorism group – Naomi Jaffe, Jeff Jones, Eleanor Stein, Suzanne Ross, and Kathy Boudin.
·         All of the above named have been involved in the more radical elements of the group, including assaults on police officers, bomb plots, and murders.
·         All had been involved with the notorious Bill Ayers, some of which lived in a San Francisco ‘bomb factory’ that several entities have claimed was used in the San Francisco police station bombing that killed Officer Brian McDonnell.
·         A former Weather Underground member turned FBI informant, makes several interesting observations about the meeting, including his assertion that the group hasn’t “changed the color of any of their stripes even after all of these years.”  He also adds, “It makes me sick to watch and listen to this kind of BS, especially when I realize that 100 years ago, or less, these people would all be in prison or shot as traitors.”
Is this really a group that the Occupy movement wants to be associated with?  Are they following through with their threat to become more radical?

Only they know for sure…

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Video – Trailer For the New Film, Occupy Unmasked

March 19, 2012 at 10:05 pm (Andrew Breitbart, Citizens United, New York, Occupy Albany, Occupy Unmasked, Occupy Wall Street, Stephen K. Bannon)

With springtime in the air, and the Occupy movement already in full force with multiple arrests and death threats, we thought it’d be a good time to take a look at the trailer for the soon-to-be released documentary from Citizens United, Occupy Unmasked.

The new film from director Stephen K. Bannon promises to delve deeply into the movement, exposing its origins as well as the radical ideas behind their platform of income equality.  Here is the official movie trailer for Occupy Unmasked.

Brace yourselves, it’s quite revealing of the true inner motivation of the common Occupier…

Whoops.  Sorry about that.  Understandable mistake.  Anyway, here is the actual trailer…

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Occupy Albany Announces Second Event Supporting Convicted Cop Killer

February 17, 2012 at 5:29 pm (Cop Killer, Jalil Muntaqim, Murder, Occupy Albany, Occupy Wall Street, Prisoner, Radical, Weather Underground)

For the second time in two weeks, the Occupy Albany movement has announced an event in which they will voice support and heap praise upon a man serving time for murder.  The group somehow manages to completely gloss over their crimes by referring to the men as ‘political prisoners’.  They clearly see some sort of parallel between themselves, their perceived struggle against government, and the political platforms of such men.
Frightening indeed.
If a priest murders somebody, they are a murderer, not a religious prisoner.  If a doctor murders somebody, they are a murderer, not a medicinal prisoner.  And now, Jalil Muntaqim was not convicted for his political beliefs, he was convicted of murder.
Only zealots in the Occupy movement can turn such a heinous individual into some sort of freedom-fighting icon.
Today the announcement was made:

The Radical Caucus of Occupy Albany and the New York State Prisoner Justice Network will be demonstrating in solidarity with political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim, currently sentenced to six months in the SHU (Segregated Housing Unit) at Attica Prison. We will use the People’s Mic for a call and response of our demands to an end of mass incarceration, over-sentencing to the SHU, and specifically to bring attention to Jalil’s case.

Jalil’s case involves an arrest on May 21, 1971, when he and two others were arrested for the killings of two New York City police officers.  In 1974, Muntaqim (also known as Anthony Bottom) was convicted on two counts of first degree murder and received a prison sentence of 25 years to life.  More recently, he also pleaded no contest to conspiracy to commit voluntary manslaughter in connection with the 1971 slaying of a San Francisco police officer.
In a letter to the State Division of Parole in 2002, Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged parole for Muntaqim to be denied.  The New York Times wrote:

Mr. Bloomberg, responding to a request by Diane Piagentini, Officer Piagentini’s widow, wrote, ”Anthony Bottom’s crime is unforgivable, and its consequences will remain forever” with the families of the police officers, ”as well as the men and women of the New York City Police Department.”

”Because he so callously stole these officers’ lives,” the mayor added, ”Bottom should serve the maximum sentence without parole.”

In a book on ‘imprisoned intellectuals’, Muntaqim is described as follows:

While a member of the Black Panther Party, Muntaqim held beliefs which paralleled those of the underground faction, as opposed to the mainstream party, which focused on organizing, communicating with nationwide affiliates and other revolutionary groups to form positive political and social relations. In contrast, the underground party was focused on radical means of obtaining equality. Its members served as experts in military strategy and were “the essential armed wing of the above-ground political apparatus.”

So the ‘radical’ faction of the Occupy Albany movement is holding a demonstration in solidarity with a man focused on ‘radical means of obtaining equality’?  Comforting.
Of course, this isn’t the first time Occupy has expressed solidarity and support for a cop-killing extremist.  They recently announced an event in March called, The Weather Underground Meets Occupy Wall Street.  The event will be held March 3rd, and is co-sponsored by The Sanctuary For Independent Media and the Albany Social Justice Center.  It is described as, “A book event and multi-generational dialog to celebrate U.S. political prisoner David Gilbert’s new memoir, “Love and Struggle.”

Gilbert is currently serving time, like Jalil Muntaqim, in the Auburn Correctional Facility and is described as “an American radical leftist organizer and activist.”  He was imprisoned for his role in the Brinks Robbery of 1981, a botched effort that led to the murder of four people, including a security guard and two police officers.

Justifying the killing of seven lives total by referring to the murders as ‘political prisoners’?

How Occupy of them.

Occupy, this is who your leaders are siding with.  This is who they wish to be associated with.  This is who they are supporting, who they fight for, who they emulate.

Whatever our differences Occupy, it’s time you took your movement back from these radicals.  Before it’s too late.

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Occupy Wall Street Now Promoting the Weather Underground

February 8, 2012 at 12:31 pm (Albany Social Justice Center, Bill Ayers, Bombings, David Gilbert, Occupy Albany, Occupy Wall Street, Radical, Sanctuary For Independent Media, Terrorist, Weather Underground)

Occupy Albany has announced an event in March called, The Weather Underground Meets Occupy Wall Street.  The event will be held March 3rd, and is co-sponsored by The Sanctuary For Independent Media and the Albany Social Justice Center.  It is described as, “A book event and multi-generational dialog to celebrate U.S. political prisoner David Gilbert’s new memoir, “Love and Struggle.”

Gilbert is currently serving time in the Auburn Correctional Facility and is described as “an American radical leftist organizer and activist.”  He was imprisoned for his role in the Brinks Robbery of 1981, a botched effort that led to the murder of four people, including a security guard and two police officers.

Interestingly, Gilbert sounds strikingly similar to the Occupy protesters of today when he describes his actions during the robbery.  In an interview in 1985, he described the scene as such:

It was an attempted expropriation. That means taking money from those who amassed wealth by exploiting the people and using that money to finance the resistance.”

Justifying the killing of innocent people, and sugarcoating armed robbery by calling it ‘expropriation’.  How Occupy of him.

And now according to their Facebook posting, and in support of Gilbert’s efforts, Occupy Albany will be participating in the so-called ‘book event’.  Participants are also shilling for his new book.

The full description of events reads (emphasis mine):
David Gilbert’s new book, “Love and Struggle: My Life in SDS, the Weather Underground, and Beyond,” sparks a multi-generational dialogue about what social justice movements can learn from each other. Currently serving a life sentence for his participation in an armed action with a group of Black revolutionaries, Gilbert writes about the lessons learned in fifty years of a radical political life. A panel of today’s young activists will talk with ’60s revolutionaries about their common struggles, grounded by critical exchange and self-reflection.

So the Occupy movement is getting together to discuss common struggles with ’60s revolutionaries from the Weather Underground.  Problem being, the Weather Underground, you may have heard, were not revolutionaries – they were terrorists.  This is what the Occupy Wall Street movement is coming together for, to celebrate terrorist acts that they see parallels in?

One individual who has also heaped praise on Gilbert’s new book is Bill Ayers, former member of the Weather Underground, man who helped launch the first campaign of our current President, and unrepentant terrorist.  Ayers took part in a series of bombings in the 1970s that killed three activists.  The intent was much worse however, as the bombings were designed to kill army officers in New Jersey – It accidentally exploded in a New York townhouse. 

Lest we forget that in regards to the day he successfully bombed the Pentagon, Ayers said, “Everything was absolutely ideal. … The sky was blue. The birds were singing. And the bastards were finally going to get what was coming to them.” 

And of course, there is William’s mantra to “Kill all the rich people. … Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents.”

More famously, in an article that appeared in the New York Times on September 11th, 2001, Ayers was quoted as saying that he did not regret setting bombs and, “I feel we didn’t do enough.”

Of course, none of this comes as much of a surprise.  A few weeks ago, Occupy Albany participants were actively wondering why they hadn’t begun emulating clashes in Syria, in which over 35 people had been killed amidst reports of ‘blood being shed.’

Is this really where the Occupy Wall Street movement is headed?  Is this an element they long to be associated with?  

Sympathizing with known murderers and terrorists because they share ‘common struggles’ is a scary, scary sign.

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Video: New York Senator to Occupy Albany – ‘Getting a Job Would Be a Good Idea’

February 7, 2012 at 1:03 am (Albany, Budget, Jobs, John DeFrancisco, Kathleen Farrell, New York, Occupy Albany, Tax, Taxpayer, WNYT)

Why would you assume that people with the ability to constantly interrupt government workers mid-day, and with the ability to camp out in a park for months at a time, wouldn’t have jobs?

Occupy Albany got their much needed dose of media attention (video below) this morning when they interrupted budget talks in the capital.  The attention-whoring featured the usual slapstick, including mic checks and the repetition of short phrases (because saying it twice makes it seem more intelligent), but the interview after the incident was where the real entertainment came through.

When asked about the interruption and the tactics used by Occupy Albany, Senator John DeFrancisco, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, who hosted the joint legislative hearing, says their message was lost on him.


Reporter: “Did it get your attention?”

“It got my attention so far as it disrupted the proceeding but as far as changing my point of view, no,” said DeFrancisco.

Senator DeFrancisco said he thinks New York’s tax code is progressive, with reforms voted in late last year that tax the highest earners, saying Occupiers have a misplaced agenda.

Reporter: “What should they have done instead of disrupting his meeting?”

“Well, probably get a job would be a good idea and then become one of taxpayers so we won’t have to rely on fewer and fewer people to pay taxes. 

Pure gold…

Also on an interesting note, the news segment included this quote from Kathleen Farrell:

“I’m gonna interrupt a meeting I’m gonnna interrupt a budget council I’m gonna interrupt a party and I’m gonna keep it up until there’s some fairness going on here.”

Farrell is described as a freelance writer in the Legislative Gazette, and has been identified as the author of the book, Liberty for the Lion Shield.  The publisher of that book was Xulon Press, a company that was purchased in 2006 by Salem Communications.  Salem is the fifth largest radio station owner in the United States, and reported earnings of $207 million in 2010.

Glad she’s vehemently opposed to corporate wealth.

Watch the video…

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