Video – Occupy Protesters Interrupt Live News Segment With Uber-Classy "F*** the Police" Signs

March 16, 2012 at 7:30 am (Anarchists, Eli Stokols, Fox 31, Liberals, Occupy, Occupy Denver, Occupy Wall Street, Police, Shelby)

The goons out at Occupy Denver are back at it, demonstrating an extreme lack of intelligence and decorum, all behind the guise of free speech.  Free speech to this bunch seems to mean that ‘we don’t possess the multi-syllabic ability to form coherent thoughts or sentences, so we sink to the lowest common denominator of speech’.

That’s just a rough translation that I pulled from my Moron-English dictionary.  Pocket version.

Via Marathon Pundit:

For the third straight day, I am reporting on an Occupy Denver occtrocity. Last week a Fox 31 reporter, Eli Stokols, had his live report from Denver’s Civic Center Parkruined by Occupy protesters. One was holding a ‘F*ck the Police’ sign and other held one declaring that the ‘Police Are the Army of the Rich’ while barking “freedom of speech.”
“If you want to act like grownups,” Stokols told the adult adolescents, “then we can have a conversation.” Unfortunately the reporter uses the “F” word as he vainly attempts to educate the leftists.

It’s hard to blame the movement for being all kinds of disheveled, not having a clear message, and randomly attacking newsmen on the street.  They did after all, elect Shelby the border collie as their leader.  Please click on the link if you think I’m kidding.  I had a chance to interview Shelby over the phone for comment on the incident.  She simply yelled “Bacon!” and proceeded to lick herself.

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