NY Senator Hauled Away in Cuffs, Says She’s "Having a Great Day"

August 27, 2012 at 4:25 pm (Eric Schneiderman, Lynn Smith, New York, Parent Workshop, Patricia Savage, Queens, Shirley Huntley)

We told you this morning about New York state Senator Shirley Huntley, who over the weekend announced that she expected to be arrested at some point on Monday.

Sure enough, Huntely turned herself in to authorities early Monday morning, where she was subsequently charged with evidence tampering, conspiracy in the fifth degree, and falsifying business records.

Prosecutors are accusing Huntley of taking part in a “sham non-profit” that she created, and using the organization to funnel nearly $30,000 in taxpayer money to her aide, Patricia Savage, and her niece, Lynn Smith.

Huntley’s lawyer was quick to point out that she has not been “charged with stealing money or being involved in any theft of any taxpayer money.”  However, Savage and Smith, who were also charged on Monday were accused of pocketing $29,950 in discretionary money allocated by Huntley herself.

In other words, her aide and niece are accused of stealing the taxpayer money, while Huntley simply gave them the means to do so.

Huntley’s non-profit, known as Parent Workshop, Inc., existed only on paper according to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, while documents meant to show the existence of the organization were simply forged.

Huntley commented at her fingerprinting and booking, saying “I’m having a great day”.

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