Breaking: Scott Walker Wins Recall Election

June 5, 2012 at 9:56 pm (Collective Bargaining, Ed Schultz, MSNBC, Rebecca Kleefisch, Recall, Republican, Scott Walker, Unions, Wisconsin)

NBC has just announced that they project Scott Walker to emerge victorious in his recall election in Wisconsin.  This marks the first time that a Governor has ever survived a recall election.

President Obama’s overwhelming Twitter support appears to have failed Mayor Tom Barrett.  As did rapper Proph’s support via the poetic singing of “Bitches who ride me”.

Obama was wise in not campaigning for Barrett – a losing proposition, and the President can’t afford to attach himself to a loser in Barrett.  

Additionally, this recall election represents everything the Democrats hold dear – they asked for this recall based on their belief in a union’s right to strangle a state’s economy.  Labor unions have poured millions into Walker’s defeat, Democrats from across the United States have placed all of their eggs in this recall basket, and a loss deals a mighty blow to the liberal message.

Not being covered here is this – how will Obama’s lack of support translate to any union support of the President come November?  Union leaders and local Democrats have already expressed disgust with the President’s lack of support, and his tweet did nothing to quell their anger.

Now, the media response will be interesting.  How will the 25 journalists who were caught signing the recall petition cover the results?  Even-handedly, I’m sure.

UPDATE:  CNN predicts Lieutenant-Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, will also survive the recall election.  Going to be a lot of sad, sad liberal cheeseheads in Wisconsin this evening.

Expect some rioting by union goons or occupy thugs before the evening is out.  

From Michelle Malkin:  

Ari Fleischer just raised a question: Since Obama virtually abandoned the unions in Wisconsin, will the unions abandon him heading into the general election?

Ed Schultz of MSNBC embarrasses himself (for reasons other then being on MSNBC) with this tweet 18 minutes before his network called the race (h/t Weasel Zippers):

Yes, we’re quaking in our non-union manufactured boots.
UPDATE:  Video just released by American Future Fund shows the transformation Dems have made from claiming this recall is the most important election, to claiming it’s not really that big of a deal.  Fantastic…

You can’t spin this devastating loss Dems, you can only pretend it wasn’t that important.  Fortunately, you’re on record saying otherwise.

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Liberal Radio Host Glad Breitbart’s Dead, Would Pour Weed Killer on His Grave

March 6, 2012 at 5:32 pm (Andrew Breitbart, Bias by Omission, Condoleeza Rice, Culture/Society, Democrats, Double Standards, John Sylvester, Liberals, Media Bias Debate, Rebecca Kleefisch, Sly Sylvester, Wisconsin)

A few days ago, conservative author Ann Coulter summed up the left’s reaction to the death of Andrew Breitbart with this statement:  “Even in death he shows liberals in their true colors”.  With that, those true colors, the same rage and venom being spewed in Breitbart’s direction, continues.

Last week, we saw Rolling Stone publish a piece in which author Matt Taibbi lamented how happy he was for Breitbart to be gone.  We saw Slate columnist, Matt Yglesias, proclaim that “the world outlook is slightly improved” with Breitbart dead.  And then there was former editor of the New York Press, and Taibbi cohort, Jeff Koyen, mock writers defending Breitbart as “hitching yourself to a corpse”.

Continuing in that same vein of sub-standard decency is liberal radio host, John “Sly” Sylvester of WTDY in Madison, Wisconsin.  Sylvester recently aired a 20-minute segment on his radio show which was posted as a Podcast entitled, “Andrew Breitbart:  Dead (thankfully)“.

From Media Trackers (h/t Washington Free Beacon):

Last Friday, liberal Madison radio-host John “Sly” Sylvester aired an extended segment on 1670 WTDY that celebrated in no uncertain terms the death of conservative activist Andrew Breitbart. Sly posted the 20 minute podcast on his website under the title “Andrew Breitbart: DEAD (thankfully).”

While the title was simply beyond the pale, the content of the podcast is as vile as it gets. Starting at the 5:00 mark and continuing to 6:43 is a monologue by the host Sly in which he mockingly says he would pour weed-killer on Breitbart’s grave. He then compares his joy at the news of Breitbart’s death to that of Yemeni terror leader Anwar al-Awlaki’s death in September 2011.

Here is a short list of Sylvester’s most vitriolic comments towards a recently deceased husband and father of four young children:

  • “I’m gonna pour Round-Up on his grave …so there’s no chance that he ever comes back to life!  And I can kill him like the weed that he was.”
  • “I’m glad he’s dead!”
  • “To me Andrew Breitbart’s death is kinda similar to Kim Jung Il.  Kind of a similar thing.”

The podcast has since been removed from Sylvester’s site, but fortunately the folks at Media Trackers posted a screenshot, which can be seen here.

Sylvester has a history of such controversial segments, once referring to Condoleeza Rice as an “Aunt Jemima” and also accusing GOP Lieutenant Governor, and cancer survivor, Rebecca Kleefisch, of having performed “fellatio on all the talk-show hosts in Milwaukee.”

Additionally, I’ve contacted Program Director for WTDY, Rex Charger via e-mail seeking a comment, but have yet to receive a response.  Perhaps Mental recession readers would have better luck (h/t Bethany) by clicking here…

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