Video: Democrat Talks About ‘Working Together’ and ‘Civility’, Promptly Shoves Camera in Reporter’s Face

November 4, 2012 at 11:51 am (Assault, Civility, Nancy Pelosi, New Tone, Nick Lampson, Randy Weber, Ron Paul, Texas)

This is Democrat Nick Lampson, currently running for a congressional seat in the 14th District of Texas.

Nick is vying to replace the retiring Ron Paul.

Nick is in a tight battle with Republican opponent, state Rep. Randy Weber.

Nick likes to speak about “civility” and “working together”, citing Nancy Pelosi as an example.

Nick lectures about civility, while shoving cameras in the face of a reporter who asks questions he doesn’t like.

Nick is not very civil, is he?

Don’t be a Nick…

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Poll: Romney the Most Favorable Republican in NY, Still Far Behind Obama

March 7, 2012 at 1:14 pm (2012 Election, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, President Obama, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul)

And this is why, if you had to give this country an enema, the process would start right here in New York…

Politics on the Hudson:

A Siena Research Institute poll released today found that Mitt Romney leads Rick Santorum in New York by 15 points, and Newt Gingrich trails Romney by 25 points. Ron Paul is 27 points behind. President Barack Obama holds leads of between 26 and 39 points over all GOP candidates, according to Siena. Romney is supported by 38 percent of Republicans, Santorum has the support of 23 percent, Gingrich has 13 percent and Paul has 11 percent.

“Each of the four Republican presidential contenders is viewed unfavorably by a majority of all New York voters. Even among just Republican voters, only Romney has a majority viewing him favorably, while Paul and Gingrich have more Republicans viewing them unfavorably than favorably,” Siena pollster Steven Greenberg said in a statement…

…Obama’s favorability rating is 61 percent to 36 percent, down from 64 percent to 34 percent in February, the poll said. Fifty-six percent of voters said they would re-elect Obama and 38 percent said they would prefer “someone else.” The split last month was 58 percent to 36 percent. The president’s favorability rating is 82 percent to 15 percent among Democrats and 54 percent to 43 percent among independents. The president has a negative rating of 26 percent to 71 percent among Republicans.

“The President enjoys solid support among New York voters, largely because there are twice as many Democrats in New York as there are Republicans. Obama continues to be viewed very differently by Democrats – who give the President an even stronger favorability rating than they give Governor Cuomo – and Republicans, who view him unfavorably by a nearly three-to-one margin,” Greenberg said.

Read the rest here…

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Super Tuesday Recap: Romney Wins, Santorum, Gingrich, Do Enough to Stay Alive

March 7, 2012 at 8:26 am (2012 Election, Conservatives, GOP, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, President Obama, Republicans, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Super Tuesday)

The GOP selection process has been a long and drawn out affair, with some suggesting it is a disaster that could lead to a brokered convention.  The opposite is true, however.  Mitt Romney remains the clear front-runner, much to the chagrin of the conservative base.  But, if the lone goal of removing the most damaging Presidential term in the history of this country remains intact, then this is a good process.  If Romney earns the nomination, he will garner a large percentage of votes that will simply be cast against President Obama, and not for the candidate himself.  At the same time, his prolonged inability to capture the hearts of conservatives will actually be a positive factor for so-called independent voters – which will only earn him more votes in the general election.

Our preference in candidates goes in this order – Santorum, Gingrich, Romney.  (Paul is inconsequential and unelectable).

Unfortunately, that list gets reversed when considering which candidate has the best shot of beating Obama in a general.  Romney has the money, name recognition, presidential looks, and appeal to independents.  If he adds a hard conservative to the ticket (West, Rubio), he will be unbeatable.  Gingrich would wipe the floor with Obama in a debate, which could give him a puncher’s chance.  Santorum we’re afraid, has little shot against Obama.  (Paul still remains inconsequential and unelectable).

We maintain that Romney is the man to beat, and the only true way for it to become interesting again is for either Santorum or Gingrich to agree to drop their bid, support the other candidate, and stop peeling conservative votes away from each other.

AP reports:

Mitt Romney squeezed out a win in pivotal Ohio, captured five other states with ease and padded his delegate lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination but was forced to share the Super Tuesday spotlight with a resurgent Rick Santorum.
“I’m going to get this nomination,” Romney told cheering supporters in Massachusetts,” pointing particularly to delegate support that was greater than the combined totals of his three rivals.
On the busiest night of the campaign, he scored a home-state win in Massachusetts to go with primary victories in Vermont and in Virginia — where neither Santorum nor Newt Gingrich was on the ballot. He added the Idaho and Alaska caucuses to his column.
Ohio was the big win, though, and the closest contest of all as the Republican rivals battled for the chance to face Democratic President Barack Obama in November.

Also, there’s this, via Michelle Malkin:

Today isn’t just about Republicans though. One example is Dennis Kucinich who is running against another Democrat in a primary in a redrawn Ohio district. The winner will face Joe the Plumber in November. (Update: Wrong ballots distributed in Toledo)

Kucinich lost.

Then of course, there’s this – The toll of the campaign trail has been rough on poor Newt Gingrich, who took a couple of power naps during a live satellite feed.

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Breaking: Mitt Romney to Win Michigan

February 28, 2012 at 11:26 pm (2012 Election, GOP, Michigan, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Primary, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul)

Obama Lite… I mean, Mitt Romney is projected to sweep tonight’s primary battles.  Just kidding, Mittens fans.

Via NBC Politics:

Mitt Romney won the Michigan Republican primary on Tuesday, staving off Rick Santorum in the state where Romney was born and raised and avoiding an embarrassing setback for his campaign.
NBC News projected that Romney would win the Michigan primary, along with another primary that took place on Tuesday in Arizona.
Romney and Rick Santorum awaited final results Tuesday evening following a tumultuous three weeks that had both candidates fighting for momentum in the Republican nomination contest.
Most of the attention was focused on Michigan, where the results could prove to be a turning point in the race.

Michigan will result in a splitting of the state’s 30 delegates.  CNN reports:

The state’s 30 delegates will be allocated on a proportional basis, and Romney and Santorum each won three so far, according to the early returns.

Fox describes it as such:

Romney’s victory may not settle those questions, but it prevents a major embarrassment going into Super Tuesday on March 6, when 10 states hold primaries worth hundreds of delegates.

That’s Romney in a nutshell.  No convincing victories, just doing enough to stave off embarrassment.

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Live Coverage of the Michigan and Arizona Primaries

February 28, 2012 at 8:32 pm (Arizona, Franklin Center, Michigan, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Primary, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, stephen kruiser, Tony Katz)

Again, if you’re looking for coverage of the Arizona and Michigan primaries tonight, coverage that will serve as an alternative to the mainstream media, please give Tony Katz and Stephen Kruiser a look.  But don’t stare!

Watch them.  Call them.  Loooove them.

They’ll also be taking phone calls at (888) 955-8669.  So feel free to give them a ring and do lots of heavy breathing.  I’m told they like that.  No, not you Mr. Frank!

The primary coverage is brought to you by the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity.

And with this post, my personal integrity has pretty much gone out the window.  Enjoy anyway…

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Poll Results: Rick Santorum Most Reflects Your Values

February 20, 2012 at 9:42 am (2012 Election, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, President Obama, Presidential Campaign, Presidential Election, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Values, Voter)

We asked readers which of the Presidential candidates most reflects their own values, and the results were split – every candidate received votes in the poll.  That said, Rick Santorum led the way as the candidate that emulated the values that our readers hold most dear.  Santorum was followed by Newt Gingrich, President Obama, and Ron Paul, while Mitt Romney came in dead last.  Here are the results:

Which candidate for President most reflects your values as a voter?

Rick Santorum – 33%

Newt Gingrich – 25%

Barack Obama – 18%

Ron Paul – 14%

Mitt Romney – 7%




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Santorum Takes 12 Point Lead Over Romney in National Poll

February 15, 2012 at 2:32 pm (2012, Election, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Poll, President, Rasmussen, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul)

The plot thickens…

Via Rasmussen Reports:

Follow the bouncing ball. Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum has now bounced to a 12-point lead over Mitt Romney in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary Voters finds Santorum with 39% support to the former Massachusetts governor’s 27%. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich follows from a distance with 15% of the vote, and Texas Congressman Ron Paul runs last with 10%. Three percent (3%) like some other candidate in the race, and six percent (6%) are undecided.

Just over a week ago, it was Romney leading the pack with 34% after his win in the Florida Primary, followed by Gingrich 27%, Santorum 18% and Paul 11%. But then last week Santorum swept GOP caucuses in Colorado and Minnesota and a non-binding primary in Missouri as Gingrich continues to stumble in the race to be the conservative alternative to Romney.

I’m still trying to figure out how Romney won the CPAC straw poll this weekend.  He is ‘severely’ behind Gingrich in conservative values, who in turn ranks behind Santorum.

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Poll Results: Will the Republican Nominee Defeat Obama?

February 13, 2012 at 8:10 am (2012 Election, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, November, President Obama, Presidential Election, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul)

Readers of the Mental Recession have once again made their voices heard, predicting that the Republican nominee for President – no matter who they are – will defeat Barack Obama for the Presidency in 2012.

By a margin of 68% to 30%, readers agree that the Republican will emerge victorious.  Of the 30% who voted for an Obama victory, most felt particularly strong that Obama would not only win, but that it would be a crushing victory.

We asked:

Will the Republican nominee stand a chance against Obama in November?

They will win by a landslide – 34%

They will win a close election – 34%

They will lose a close election – 3%

They will lose by a landslide – 27% 

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond!

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Mitt Wins, Newt Flails in Nevada

February 5, 2012 at 9:03 am (Florida, GOP, Mitt Romney, Money, Mormon, Nevada, Newt Gingrich, President Obama, Primary, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul)

Mitt Romney has now won two states in a row, the first time we’ve seen that during the GOP primaries.  It appears Gingrich will come in second, followed by Paul and then Santorum.

Via CNN:

Declaring victory in Nevada’s Republican presidential caucuses on Saturday, Mitt Romney again turned away from his GOP rivals and toward President Barack Obama.

CNN projected that Mitt Romney will win the Nevada Republican presidential caucuses based on results and entrance polling.

With 43% of the vote in, Romney held about 43% of the vote while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had 25% and Rep. Ron Paul had 19%. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who had largely bypassed the state, had 12% of the vote. Those numbers were gathered from vote counters at caucus sites across the state and the state’s Republican Party.

Romney thanked supporters at his campaign headquarters in Las Vegas, telling them that, “This isn’t the first time you gave me your vote of confidence, but this time I’m going to take it to the White House,” alluding to his win in Nevada in 2008.

While it is no surprise that Romney has done well in Florida and Nevada, it is a surprise that the former Speaker of the House keeps getting baited into petty squabbling every time he seems to be making a move.  Newt is flailing right now, and he needs to stop blaming everybody and everything for his losses – including Mormons and money this time.

Hey, it’s one thing for bloggers to speculate the reasons for Gingrich’s loss in Nevada (I had mentioned previously that Nevada has a heavy Mormon population), but it’s another for Newt to analyze it in this manner.  It shows an immaturity in his campaigning – surprising for a man in the political game for most of his life – and it shows voters how he would act toward adversity in the Presidential campaign, or even as President.

At one point, Newt complained about being outspent by Romney at a rate of 5-1, and then turned around and said Romney would struggle in the general election because he’d be unable to outspend Obama at that rate.

Look within, Newt.  By that reasoning, if you can’t beat Romney because of his money, then you have even less of a chance going up against Obama.

The Other McCain writes:

Gingrich is neither helping himself nor hurting Romney with these attacks, and Romney is ignoring Newt the nuisance: “In three campaign appearances Friday, Romney did not even mention Newt Gingrich.” 

He is also dead on in this analysis:

Every candidate believes he is best qualified to defeat Obama, or else he wouldn’t be running. There are surely Republicans out there who believe that the GOP lost its best chance to beat Obama when Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry dropped out. But public doomsaying by candidates during the primary campaign is best avoided.

Gingrich has surged every time he has focused his attacks either on Obama, or Obama’s cohorts in the liberal media.  But it is disconcerting to see that Gingrich is so easily led off message every time he faces adversity.

There’s something to be said for looking Presidential.  And right now, Mitt fits the role.

Photo credit – AP via ABC News

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Breaking: Mitt Romney Wins Florida

January 31, 2012 at 9:36 pm (Florida, GOP, Mitt Ronney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul)

And things are looking pretty good for Mittens with Mormon-friendly Nevada around the corner.

Via ABC News:

Mitt Romney will win the Florida Republican primary, ABC News projects, based on the exit polls and analysis of the vote in so far.

Newt Gingrich will be second, Rick Santorum third and Ron Paul will place fourth, ABC News projects.

Romney appeared to win most of the state’s southern and central region, while Gingrich’s support was concentrated in the north.

The former Massachusetts governor snapped back from a loss in South Carolina with a Florida primary victory that took advantage of a more diverse electorate, re-established his image of electability and economic leadership and demonstrated his organizational firepower in attracting – and retaining – early-deciding voters.

Bloomberg reports:

The victory gives Romney all 50 of Florida’s convention delegates. The Republican convention in Tampa begins Aug. 27.

Romney is the first to win more than one nominating contest in the Republican race. He finished first by 16 percentage points in New Hampshire’s Jan. 10 primary…

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