Long: Time for Gillibrand to Denounce the Culture of Corruption in Albany and Call on Speaker Silver to Step Aside

September 6, 2012 at 10:49 am (Albany, Corruption, Kirsten Gillibrand, New York, NY-20, Rutnick Law, Sheldon Silver, Wendy Long)

U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long today called on Senator Gillibrand to immediately end her support for Sheldon Silver’s leadership and the culture of corruption that makes victims of young women.

“As she did with Speaker Hastert, it’s time for Kirsten Gillibrand to call on Speaker Silver to step aside and allow the special prosecutor to get to the bottom of the sexual harassment cover-up that has plagued Albany,” said U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long.

“Given her self appointed role as cheerleader-in-chief for women’s issues, Gillibrand’s silence leads to the question whose interests is she protecting –women and New York taxpayers, or the lobbying practice of the Rutnick Law Firm?” concluded Long.

Gillibrand indicated yesterday in Charlotte that she continues to support Speaker Silver despite his collusion in attempting to silence victims of sexual harassment. Gillibrand said, the Speaker is “perfectly poised to be able to offer our votes and he will do so proudly on behalf of our state.”

“It’s inconsistent to say in one breath that you have ‘zero tolerance’ for sexual harassment, and yet still support Speaker Silver’s leadership,” concluded Long.

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