Obama Law Mentor: Stand Your Ground Laws Are Racist

April 12, 2012 at 11:00 am (Charles Ogletree, Florida, George Zimmerman, Racist, Stand Your Ground, Trayvon Martin)

Dr. Charles Ogletree, the Harvard Law Professor who has signed up to teach an ‘understanding Obama’ class, has somehow managed to misunderstand the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law, which can be found in some form or another in 33 states.  The bottom line?

It’s racist.  Naturally.  (Video below)

Via the Daily Caller:

Dr. Charles Ogletree, who taught both Barack and Michelle Obama at Harvard Law School, aid during the National Action Network convention Wednesday that the slain teen Trayvon Martin is a “symbol of whats wrong” with America.
Complaining about the Florida “stand your ground” law that may protect Martin’s killer George Zimmerman from prosecution, Ogletree encouraged his audience of activists to imagine the racial tables were turned.
“Just think about changing the race,” Ogletree said. “I want to see the first black man who uses the ‘stand your ground’ defense and see if it works — first white victim of the Stand Your Ground by a black defendant and see if it works.”

Of course, Zimmerman as we have shown, has self-identified as an Hispanic Democrat.  But why let the facts stand in the way of a good white on black crime story?

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