VIDEO – Angry Liberal Slaps Tom Barrett For Conceding

June 6, 2012 at 7:33 am (Liberals, Recall, Scott Walker, Slap, Thug, Tom Barrett, Union, Violence, Wisconsin)

Ah, the unhinged left at it’s finest.  They absolutely have to be beside themselves after Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin last night.  This person took the loss particularly hard, taking out their anger on … Tom Barrett?

From the National Review (h/t Jim):

Those warm, loving, kind-hardest leftists will turn on you so fast: last night an enraged supporter of Tom Barrett slapped him for conceding the race. 

I don’t recall – no pun intended – this sort of thing ever happening on an Election Night before.

I wonder how Democrats feel about having a grassroots base that is, in part, psychotic to the point of physical violence upon their own candidates for acknowledging reality. At the time, Barrett trailed by about 10 percentage points or 200,000 votes; as of this morning, Walker won by 7 percentage points, or roughly 173,000 votes.

And here’s the video violence…

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Breaking: Scott Walker Wins Recall Election

June 5, 2012 at 9:56 pm (Collective Bargaining, Ed Schultz, MSNBC, Rebecca Kleefisch, Recall, Republican, Scott Walker, Unions, Wisconsin)

NBC has just announced that they project Scott Walker to emerge victorious in his recall election in Wisconsin.  This marks the first time that a Governor has ever survived a recall election.

President Obama’s overwhelming Twitter support appears to have failed Mayor Tom Barrett.  As did rapper Proph’s support via the poetic singing of “Bitches who ride me”.

Obama was wise in not campaigning for Barrett – a losing proposition, and the President can’t afford to attach himself to a loser in Barrett.  

Additionally, this recall election represents everything the Democrats hold dear – they asked for this recall based on their belief in a union’s right to strangle a state’s economy.  Labor unions have poured millions into Walker’s defeat, Democrats from across the United States have placed all of their eggs in this recall basket, and a loss deals a mighty blow to the liberal message.

Not being covered here is this – how will Obama’s lack of support translate to any union support of the President come November?  Union leaders and local Democrats have already expressed disgust with the President’s lack of support, and his tweet did nothing to quell their anger.

Now, the media response will be interesting.  How will the 25 journalists who were caught signing the recall petition cover the results?  Even-handedly, I’m sure.

UPDATE:  CNN predicts Lieutenant-Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, will also survive the recall election.  Going to be a lot of sad, sad liberal cheeseheads in Wisconsin this evening.

Expect some rioting by union goons or occupy thugs before the evening is out.  

From Michelle Malkin:  

Ari Fleischer just raised a question: Since Obama virtually abandoned the unions in Wisconsin, will the unions abandon him heading into the general election?

Ed Schultz of MSNBC embarrasses himself (for reasons other then being on MSNBC) with this tweet 18 minutes before his network called the race (h/t Weasel Zippers):

Yes, we’re quaking in our non-union manufactured boots.
UPDATE:  Video just released by American Future Fund shows the transformation Dems have made from claiming this recall is the most important election, to claiming it’s not really that big of a deal.  Fantastic…

You can’t spin this devastating loss Dems, you can only pretend it wasn’t that important.  Fortunately, you’re on record saying otherwise.

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Obama Offers Rock Solid Support For Barrett in Recall Election – Via Twitter

June 5, 2012 at 7:25 am (Democrats, Labor, President Obama, Recall Election, Scott Walker, Tom Barrett, Unions, Wisconsin)

Usually the Democrat candidates are running away from Obama like he has the plague, this time the President is running from the candidate.  More specifically, he is running away from today’s recall election in Wisconsin.

The Huffington Post reports:

In the final hours before the Wisconsin recall, President Barack Obama reiterated his support for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Democratic challenger to Republican Gov. Scott Walker, over Twitter.

“It’s Election Day in Wisconsin tomorrow, and I’m standing by Tom Barrett. He’d make an outstanding governor. -bo,” Obama said in a tweet Monday evening.

The underwhelming show of solidarity follows weeks of speculation around why the president, who has been traveling around the country for a host of fundraisers as part of his reelection bid, did not stop in Wisconsin to campaign for Barrett.

Governor Walker ripped into the President for shying away from Wisconsin, saying it shows “a real concern” on the left that the recall effort will fail.

“There is a real concern out there. For all the hype a year ago, you would have thought there is no way they can win. I knew once we hit September 1st, people in our state would see our schools were better, in December when property tax bills came out and they saw in many cases their bill went down, I knew it didn’t matter how many attack ads you could run, things like that people could see with their own eyes would trump all the attacks in the world,” Walker said. “I think why you have seen the national Democrats backing away is because as people have seen the facts they realize there was a lot of misguided anger.”

There are basic reasons Obama is avoiding Wisconsin.

First, Walker will likely win the election today and Obama doesn’t need to attach himself to a loser in Barrett.  

Second, this recall election represents everything the Democrats hold dear – they asked for this recall based on their belief in a union’s right to strangle a state’s economy.  Labor unions have poured millions into Walker’s defeat, and a loss deals a mighty blow to the liberal message.

Not being covered here is this – how will Obama’s lack of support translate to any union support of the President come November?  Union leaders and local Democrats have already expressed disgust with the President’s lack of support, and a tweet will do nothing to quell their anger.

Prediction – He is alienating yet another group that he needs desperately to beat Romney.

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Scott Walker Opponent Criticizes GOP On Women, Promptly Turns Stage Over to Rapper Who Sings About "Bitches Who Ride Me"

May 25, 2012 at 1:47 pm (Milwaukee, Proph, Prophetic, Recall, Scott Walker, Tom Barrett, War on Women, Wisconsin, Women)

I’m sure the irony was completely lost on the Democrats in the crowd.

A rally was held in Milwaukee on May 19th, for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s opponent in the upcoming recall election, Milwaukee Mayor, Tom Barrett.  During his speech, Barrett blasted the Republicans for their so-called “War on Women”.

Barrett then turned over the mic to rapper Prophetic (a.k.a Proph) who launched into his first number, “Sucka MCs”.  The ditty contains such lyrical gems as “bitches who ride me” and “make a n***** comfortable”.  If you were to ask Proph why they make him comfortable, he would respond with – “cash make the women shake they asses” so “get (on) the tour bus, bitch.”

Oh Mensa, how did you ever decline Proph’s application?

The cover art to his album shows the level of respect Proph has for women, and can be seen above.

Counter Contempt has more details, and also provided the video below.  It is surreal to watch Mayor Barrett shaking hands with the crowd after making a campaign speech involving women, whilst the poetic one raps behind him about his bitches…

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Nope, No Bias Here: 25 Journalists Sign Scott Walker Recall Petition

March 26, 2012 at 10:57 am (Gannett, Gannett Wisconsin Media, Governor, Green Bay Press-Gazette, Kevin Corrado, Media Bias, Recall, Scott Walker, Wisconsin)

First we had 29 supposedly impartial judges signing the Scott Walker recall petition.  Now, we have 25 supposedly impartial journalists.

Via Fox News:

Twenty-five journalists with the Gannett media group in Wisconsin signed a petition calling for the recall of Republican Gov. Scott Walker, according to a Green Bay newspaper where some of those journalists work.

Kevin Corrado, publisher of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, disclosed the actions of Gannett Wisconsin Media employees in a recent column and said they are facing disciplinary action.

“It was wrong, and those who signed the petition were in breach of Gannett’s principles of ethical conduct,” Corrado wrote.

Corrado later added…

“The journalists’ instincts, if not their training, should have kicked in, warning them not to get personally involved.

Corrado seems to be confused.  It’s precisely because of their instincts and training as journalists that they got involved.  Such is the state of media today.

Check out the rest here…

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Wisconsin Recall Petitions Show Serious Problems

February 11, 2012 at 1:22 pm (Elections, Fraud, Recall, Scott Walker, True the Vote, Voter Fraud, Wisconsin)

True the Vote has been waging a war on voter fraud across the country, empowering citizens to verify the integrity of the electoral process in their state, or in national races of interest.  They have been concentrating efforts of late in the state of Wisconsin, as Governor Scott Walker is facing recall due to his strong budget-balancing, anti-union monopoly on the economy stance.  It is an ongoing and uphill battle, with the Government Accountability Board of Wisconsin stating that they simply do not have the resources necessary to verify the petition signatures.  Signatures that the Board has concluded would be legal for such names as Mickey Mouse, and Adolf Hitler.  

But it’s not just Walker who will be subjected to recall efforts, as other Republican officials have been petitioned as well.

Via True the Vote:

The integrity of Wisconsin elections is on the verge of implosion, as United Wisconsin’s coordinated effort to recall six Wisconsin officials has led to the submission of more than 1,000,000 petition signatures. In an effort to audit these signatures True the Vote is discovering significant errors, including duplicate signatures, incorrect addresses, and the like.

Thus far, the organization has found discrepancies for nearly 9,000 petition signatures.

Please read the press release below and consider volunteering your support.  As we’re learning almost on a daily basis – protecting the integrity of the election process can only be done if the people still care about that process.

Do you?

True the Vote.

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